Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hmmmm...I Thought I Had Another Teapot Like This Russel Wright Chartreuse Piece, But I Can't Confirm That, But I Know This Is My First Covered Casserole! Status: Tossed On The Pile.


News Flash!  Mr. M pays Retail for Russel Wright!  Yup, on the way home from Lebanon Mo. (to pick up the Umanoff wine cart) I stopped in a couple of the antique malls that litter Interstate 44.  This pair got me at the Great Midwest Antique Mall.


I can't resist me some chartreuse Russel Wright.  It's like it's the color of the modern 50's.  I was sure

that I was adding this to another teapot of the same design, but I can't find one here on the blog...and

I'm sure if I have one it's been blogged about!  The one I was probably thinking about is the little pink

pitcher I picked up in Texas
at the First Monday Flea Market last year.  Fine!  So I've shored up my

collection even further then!


I've never been able to find a covered casserole like this for a reasonable price.  Looks like prices (at

least Sold For prices on eBay) have dropped pretty dramatically.  Perhaps the introduction of

reproductions by Oneida have softened the market.  Don't care...that just means now is the time to

buy for the collector.  This is also the first serving piece in this color that I have.  I think I may have a

few coupe bowls in this color, but I'd have to check.  No time at the moment, I gotta get outa' here

and go pick up some cool chairs!


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