Tuesday, April 29, 2014

More Beautiful Kipp Stewart Designed Drexel Declaration. Another Piece Brought Home From This Past Saturday's Estate Sale Visit. Status: Available At The Shag.


Yes Siree!  I've currently got plenty of fantastic Drexel Declaration looking for a new home in Booth 5 Green Shag Market.  It's nice that these pieces were in such amazingly good shape that all I had to do was knock off the dust, shoot some pics and deliver them to The Shag!


I haven't seen a lot of these, even though this is the second one I've had.  It's a great little cabinet in

that it so versatile.  It can be used in so many ways and many environments.  In the Drexel catalog it's

listed as a "Family Room" piece, but the first one of these I found was a part of a dining room set and

it could easily be used in a home office, a bedroom or as a media stand.


This one was in the living room of the home of the Saturday estate sale from whence it came.  It's got

holes in the back for power and or signal cables.  These aren't the usual gouged out holes done by

college students, but are done professionally.  They look almost as if they were done by Drexel, but I

don't remember the last cabinet having them.  No matter, if you're going to use it for storage...and if

you're anything like me, you'll have it so full of stuff that you'll never know they're back there

anyway!  And just like the first one of these, it's being made available exclusively at The Green Shag

Market antique mall.  Drop by and give a once over.

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