Sunday, February 2, 2014

Geez Louise! I Drop Stuff Off...It Goes Away.....I Drop Stuff Off.....It Goes Away! A Mr. Gotta Work Hard To Keep Up. No Problem, I Ain't Minding It So Much. Matter Of Fact, I Say Bring It On! New In The Booth Today: A Lovely Walnut China Cabinet. Status: Available.


While I DO have a garage, second bedroom....and uh, well...part of a living room full of stock for the booths (Creve Coeur Antique Mall AND The Green Shag Market), what I don't have squirreled away in here is a China Cabinet.  Well, at least not one I'm willing to part ways with!  So I had to suss one out today.


I don't know how, but I just got in my head that I needed a china cabinet in the booth at Creve Coeur.

So I spent the last two days scouring craigslist for an appropriate piece, or two.  After sending out a

couple of e-mails, this one got the nod and was picked up just this (crumby rainy) afternoon.  As it

filled the back of Frank (the Focus Wagon...and yes it easily fit with the hatch closed), I tooled

straight over to the antique mall and off loaded it right away.  Being an efficient Mr., I had brought

along some cleanup supplies but only needed a light cleaner and some paper towels.  The previous

owners had taken pretty good care of it.


Nice right?  Glass shelves, plate channel, lighted upper interior...what's not to love?  And it's a

smaller size for those who don't have a lot of spare space to throw around.  One thing to note is that

this is a one piece unit, making it a little unwieldy to move around.  Totally worth the effort though.

Even as I was loading it into the space and while cleaning the dust off, lots of admirers where

oooh-ing and aaah-ing all over it.  I'll probably drop by tomorrow to bring in the dining table and

I think will compliment this piece, only to find it gone as well!


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