Wednesday, September 11, 2013

So I Failed To Procure The Teak / Chipboard Scandinavian Roll Top Desk Yesterday (Using The Term "Failed" Rather Loosely) But That Just Set Me Up To Grab THIS Lovely Dining Set Later That Evening! Status: Available.


Had the desk been in better shape (had not it been chipped) I might have gone ahead and purchased it and today you'd be checking That out instead of this.  Those roll top desks are nice and relatively easy to move since they are just a short cabinet with a hidden desk (as apposed to a large office desk) but I think this dining set will likely move just as quickly.


The dining table is interesting in that it has that raised edge all the way around much in the style of

a Morgens Lassen "Egyptian Table".  Maybe not so comfortable for those who rest their forearms

on the table but nice if you've got kids who spill their Cheerios on a regular basis!  I've never seen

another like it.  Then there are the Four dark "spots" in the center.  Why?  Decoration?  Dunno, but

I like it!  The top looks like Walnut to me and I think the legs might be Teak.  Note that the legs are

split with a dowel pin connecting the two separate pieces.  How unusual, right?  I'm not 100% sure

that the table was originally with the chairs.


The Teak and Vinyl chairs pair nicely with the table but I think they just don't quite match.  Why

would the manufacturer put that big Walnut top on the table and Teak on the chairs?  Who knows.  I

could totally be wrong because I can't really find out much of anything about either one!  What I DO

know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that these are some of the most dramatic Vintage Modern dining

chairs I've ever come across!  You know...if I hadn't already found my lovely Kai Kristiansen dining



At least there are partial tags on three of the four dining chairs.  They aren't any help except to

identify the frame wood, the manufacturer and the location of the manufacturer.  Seems like a lot

to go on, right?  I still got nothin'.  The chairs aren't in quite the good shape that the table is in.  The

vinyl has some issues here and there.  There's been some re-glued joints and some repaired spots on

the legs that are easily overlooked.  The chairs present well and are sturdy, and that's kind of the point

of them...right?  I didn't get around to getting much more done to them than knocking off the dust

'em.  They need to be further cleaned up and given a nice drink of Teak Oil.  They'll get that soon

and then be made available either at The Green Shag or Fleur De Lis - Home Source...which ever

has the room at the time!


  1. This looks like it was made to be a game table (cards, etc) instead of a dining table. Maybe explains the dots and the raised lip.

    1. Hi Anonymous.

      I never tought of Game Table, I guess because it doesn't fold up and I tendvto associate game tables with folding tables thst you would put away after a crazy night if strip pinochle!

    2. Ah, but rich people had room enough to leave the table out all the time! -MidModForester

    3. Hi MMF.

      Wait, I've watched an episode or three if Downton Abbey. Rich people play games with the Help!

    4. You always have a "willing" partner when you employ them! :)

  2. Dansk, maybe? The Kvistgaard makes me think of this possibility. I think the game table idea may be correct, also.

    1. Howdy U. M.

      Did Dansk ever make furniture? I think Kvistgaard is the town where the manufacurer is located.

  3. I could tell that it was something special when you texted me, but those postage stamp-sized pictures really didn't do it justice. Man, that's nice.

    1. Hi Nick.

      Too bad you can't get your text messages on your new's not really a phone...hand held web browser?

  4. I'd say game table is probably right as well. Are the spots maybe the top of a darker wood fastening dowel?

    1. Hi A Mod

      I looked underneath to see if the "spots" went through or matched up with mounying screws and it doesn't look like either one is the case. Maybe they ARE for some obscure game our ancestors played long long ago!