Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So Yeah, The Wentzville Sunday Flea Wasn't Exactly A Bust...But We've Been On Better Days. The St. Charles Antique Mall Turned Out To Be At Least As Good A Bet. Status: Dansk Day!


After finding the candelabra and the blue lidded pot I thought out loud how cool it would be to find THREE Dansk items in one day.  Then I spotted the cheese board with integral knife!  What a great day!


Take a look at the wide shots of the flea grounds.  That empty space would normally be packed with

vendors.  There were plenty more spots that normally would have been occupied which were empty

this past Sunday.  I hope it's not a pattern forming.  I'll probably head out again this coming Sunday,

so we'll see.  We also stopped at a budding flea market that has just started up in St. Peters but it

doesn't look like it'll go anywhere.  There weren't many vendors worth looking through AND they are

going to be charging for entrance (it's an indoor flea).  I wish them good luck...because I think they'll

need it.


Luck was definitely on MY side though!  I don't normally get to find things at antique malls that I

feel like I'm getting a deal on but every one of these seemed like just that.  You all know that Mr.

Modtomic love Dansk, right?  I've got lots of Dansk candle holders and number of Dansk cutting

and serving pieces but I don't have any Dansk cookware.  That stuff is not easy to come by

so starting a collection has not been on my short list of things to do.  I'm kicking myself for dropping

off the white lidded fry pan in the booth at The Green Shag Market last year!  Oh, and McDuff (the

Fluff) say's "Howdy!".


  1. I found a blue Dansk fondue pot & stand at an estate sale last year for six bucks...always a thrill when you get your hands on something like that. So my blue fondue sends greetings to your blue pot!

    1. Hi TQoFC.

      I've only found a few pieces of (what I consider) affordable Dansk cook ware. Even at estate sales it's pretty pricey 'round here! Some day I'll probably have a whole huge collection though. Tell your blue fondue "howdy" from his brother in St. Lou!