Friday, September 27, 2013

Six Random Photos Plucked From Those Taken On My Phone During The Last Couple Weeks. Status: Look For A "Real" Post Later.


After the Estate FAIL (well, to some extent anyway) yesterday I went ahead and stopped at the South County antique mall since it was pretty much Right There. I managed to further salvage the morning by picking up a few more good items there but this Molested Italian Gio Ponti style dining chair just made me sad all over again. Why? At least it was just one and not a whole set.


Ah, last Sunday after the Wentzville flea we stopped for some BBQ at Miss Piggies and then had a lil picnic at Sunset Park. Then we foolishly hiked down to the edge of the Missouri river. It was an unpleasant hike back up.


I found these chrome frame glass living room tables at the Salv Army a few weeks ago and hemmed & hawed about buying them. Probably should have. The only issue I really had was that the glass was pretty thin. Had it have been like 1/2" I would have taken them.


I've always loved Datsun Z cars. Fell hard for them back in grade school. First car I ever bought was a '73 very similar to this one. Still got a '77 tucked away in the garage.


Caught Kitters being un-selfconscious while looking out the front door. I was taking pictures anyway so... He is SO co-dependant and SUCH a daddies boy. He can't STAND to not be right there with me whatever I'm doing. We love him.


I spotted this beast on my way to The Shag a few days ago when I was dropping off the Ekornes lounge and ottoman. Completely impractical but ooooo, how cool would it be to cruise down the highway in that?


  1. That last photo, that is my buddy Rick's car! Small world!