Tuesday, February 25, 2014

After Yesterday's Distinct Lack Of Color I Thought I'd Hit Ya With A Big Ol' POP Of Pigment Today! This Vintage Pull Down Three Way Kitchen / Dining Table Light Was Picked Up At The Auction About A Week Ago. It's Headed To The Shag Soon. Status: Quite Purdy.


I almost bowed out of the bidding on this but stepped back in at the last moment and hit pay dirt.  You'd usually read about my litany of complaints after an auction but I guess that because there was so much available at this particular one, there was almost no way I wasn't going to be able to come home with something!


This is just one more of the beautiful items that I was able to procure from the auction a little over a

week ago and eventually offer up in one of my two antique mall spots.  I was a little hesitant to bid on

this since I had no idea if it even worked.  Truth is, I didn't even really give it enough thought to place

it on my list.  Call it an impulse purchase.


This evening after work I installed a plug end on the cord so I could safely test the lighting inside the

amazing glass shade.  Not only did it work, but it turns out to be a Three Way light: One bulb, Two

bulbs or Three bulbs (and uh...no bulbs, does that make it a Four Way?).  I also just assumed that this

was a Moe Lighting pull down, but I can't find an all glass Moe like this with a quick internet search

and there's no Moe label.  Hmmmm.


This is actually nicer than most of the Moes I've come into contact with simply because it IS all

glass.  Glass doesn't scratch or get hazy like the plastic honeycomb shades on the Moes.  Luckily the

Moes that I've had myself have all been pretty well taken care of and weren't significantly scratched

or hazed.  Still, it just means it's gonna be easier to take care of if your lampshade is made of glass! 

So if you're in the market for a truly stunning retro pull down for your joint, this will be at The Green

Shag shortly, and if you ever get there and can't find something that I said would be there...ask the

staff to call my lazy butt!  I'll get down there Tout De Suite!

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  1. Great looking lamp, I'd love to have one above my teak dining table... alas, FL is far from The Green Shag!