Friday, February 7, 2014

Working A Slightly Later Shift Today Gave Mr. M An Opportunity To Clean Up And Deliver A Bunch Of Fantastic Dining Related Pieces. Of Course Now I'm Beat And Have To Work An Eight Hour Shift! Status: How I Roll.


The top on that Remington Rand library table is one solid inch of walnut. The legs, also solid walnut as well as the half inch thick sides. It IS heavy...and probably still has hundreds of years of service left to give. It's got lots of character and not that manufactured character you might find at a (much) more expensive online merchant (cough cough restorationhardware cough cough).


I found the Remington Rand library table at the Goodwill last weekend and grabbed the tag

right up. I wasn't even sure it was going to fit in the back of Frank (the Focus Wagon) and it

was snowing like crazy out. Didn't matter, it was coming home with me - one way or

another. I found this table the same day I snatched up all those Machine Age / Industrial

Modern smalls I featured a few days ago. It was a GOOD haul for a random stop. But alas,

the table Did need some love.


Above are a couple of before and after shots of the finish on the top. While still not perfect, it

does present well now. Being solid wood (no veneer here, at all!), this table can take a deep

sanding if one was wanting to do a full refinish on it. Of course, I LOVE all the marks and

scrapes from years of use. There's even some scrawling on the side calling a specific

person a b*tch! It's pretty hard to find and harder still to make out but there it be. Kids

::shakes head::


You may have also taken note of the lovely chrome and bentwood Pagholz side chairs. I

picked those up Sunday while everybody else was watching some ball game. And these are

only a few of the entire lot that I scored! This isn't the first time I've had Pagholz chairs here

on the blog. This lot isn't as clean as my previous set but the price couldn't be beat. So I

have to use a little elbow grease on 'em? Sometimes it just bees that way. I also managed

to find just enough time to finish cleaning the second Burke upholstered side chair so they

came with me to the Creve Coeur Antique Mall along with the rest of this lot. It's all

available now if you happen to be in the market!

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