Saturday, February 8, 2014

Spoiled Cat. Gotta Be Right On Top Of What Ever A Mister's Doin', Even If I'm Just Photographing The New Danish Style Cultured Marble Coffee Table That's Headed To The Green Shag Market. Status: Available.


I don't know if McDuff the Fluff is spoiled or if he's just co-dependent, but he Has to be right in the middle of whatever I'm doing.  Even as I type this he's snuggled up in my lap with his head and arms hanging off the side of the chair.  Weird cat.


At least he's got good taste.  He gave the coffee table the thumbs (or whatever cats got) up after a

thorough sniffing.  Of course, he's a cat and cat's ain't people.  People have different standards and

there are a couple of issues with this coffee table.  The cultured marble top has (oddly enough) some

finish issues.  There are some rings on top that are hard to see (I didn't see them at all when I bought

it!) unless you get the light on them just right.  At first I thought that the top just needed to be

cleaned, but alas...the issue remained.  There is a polish kit out there for just such needs, I just don't

know that I'm up for that project.  At any rate, the table looks great otherwise, it's base is nice and

solid and it's just heavy as an anchor!


You can see in the two photos above the finish issues on the surface, but I had to work hard to get a

picture of them.  I'd have no problem with using this in my living room (if I needed another coffee

table!) since the rings are virtually invisible without looking for them AND, already having rings, the

table is a bit less "precious" meaning less worries about ruining it myself.  Gotta wonder though,

what did they do to this table?  That's a BIG water (or whatever) ring right there!

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