Saturday, November 16, 2013

Along With The Laurel Lamp I Picked Up Yesterday Before Work I Snatched A Matched Pair Of Lovely Little Marble Base Table Lamps. Same Seller. Status: Hoping For Matched Shades.


I'm such a sucker for matched pairs of stuff, like nightstands....and well, lamps.  The problem with lamps is finding matched shades for them since most of the time, when you find a lamp or lamps, the shades are toast.  This pair came with shades but they were miss-matched.  So I'll be on the lookout.


One of the shades is probably original while the other was obviously a new replacement.  If I could

find two like this I'd be happy but I'd be even more happy if I could find a matched pair of little barrel

shaped clip on shades for this set!  Why can't anything be easy?


Oooo...Aaaa...  Yep, genuine Eye-talian marble!  Meh, I was more drawn by the walnut "wings" than

anything else.  These were sitting on the floor next to the Laurel lamp I featured yesterday and since I

was already throwing some cash around I went ahead and sprung for these too.  Finding cool lamps at

the thrifts is happening less often these days so looking a gift horse in the mouth seemed a bad idea. 

Maybe I'll get lucky this weekend and find the shades they need at a thrift somewhere.  Stranger

things have happened!


  1. Love those!!!! I have a couple lamps with marble bases on them in a box somewhere. They aren't quite as cool as these, though!

    1. Hi Nick.

      Of course now I'm obsessing over finding a matched pair of clip on shades for them. ::sigh::

    2. I feel your pain. I have a box of lamps that were all bought without shades or with broken/burned shades. Good looking shades in nice shape are so hard to find.

    3. Hi Nick.

      At least "Needing" to find the shades for these gives some sorta purpose to the constant thrifting!