Saturday, November 30, 2013

Dang, It's Been A Long Time Since I've Found Some Cool Art. Kinda Makes Me Wanna Keep It! Le Creuset Cookware...Great Color And Great Cookware, But I Don't Really Cook. It'll Be Easier To Let Go. Status: Booth Fodder.


It's looking like an Orangey Orange weekend here at the Modtomic Ranch!  Picked up a great Le Creuset sauce pan a couple days ago and just got the tall Sunset screenprint piece today.


I had to drop of Frank this afternoon (woulda' been morning but uh...I likes to sleep in!) at the tire

shop.  Had a complete and utter front tire failure last night on the way home from work.  No craziness

or hysterics though.  I wouldn't have even noticed if it hadn't made so much noise.  I just found a safe

place to pull off the highway just to check what all the noise was about!  Anyway, both front tires

were done but only one had failed.  Off to the shop it went.  While paying for this print I got the call

back from Dobbs Tire & Auto that it was ready for pickup...just 34 minutes before closing.  We were

pretty far away and got there only 4 minutes before closing.  Franks back home.  Dobbs does



More Orange!  It's not everybody's favorite color but I think it's a true vintage modern look.  It's hard

to see in these photos but this has a nice sunburst fade from light orange at the top to almost red at the

bottom.  Looks hardly used.  Surely somebody will need this to further their vintage cookware

collection.  It really is too bad I don't cook.  I'd have the most rad collection.  I just have to pass it on

though.  It's wasted on me!

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  1. Orange is really coming out of the woodwork lately in the thrifties! It's all I find! Not that I'm complaining, with my Brady orange kitchen and dining room and orange laundry room, it's fine with me!
    Love that print!