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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I've Been Getting Lots Of Emails Asking For Help IDing Items And Have Been Able To Help Some. Others, I'm Still Looking. Here's One I'm Stumped By. Status: From Oh My Mod.


I do my best trying to help with these ID inquiries but sometimes fall short (Sorry Peter L. of BG Galleries! I'm glad you were able to find out what it was!). I feel like replying to inquiries without an answer kinda sucks and I'm always thinking I'm gonna post about the item if I can't find it myself. But then I forget. Well, here's one from Oh My Mod for ya!

Oh My Mod sent me an e-mail about this about two weeks ago.  I've looked around and haven't

been able to find anything like it.  OMM likens it to a Mulhauser design (as do I) but neither of us

are convinced.  The back and seat shell really have that look but the arms and base don't jibe.


Ever seen anything like it?  Give us a shout and save the day!  It sure is a beauty.  I looks like a

combination of a number of designs.  It even has a little Adrian Pearsall in there!  Rhan recently

spotted a nifty Plycraft chair on her local craigslist
that certainly smacks of...well, this.


So what do you think? Have ya got one just sitting in your den? Never seen one before but

would trade your first born for it? Got a matching ottoman you'd love to be rid of? Let me know!


  1. Mmmm, I don't know if I care what it is, It's Gorgeous!!!

  2. Another beaty with no attribution!! Love the look...

    1. Hi A Mod. Hopefully there is one out there somewhere! I'm diggin' it too.

  3. Thanks for the assistance Mr. Modtomic!

    This thing continues to baffle me. I've searched high and low and can't find anything that will positively ID the maker of this piece. I see bits and pieces of other items that have similar traits, but never anything that hits enough marks for me to say "this is it".

    Oh well, I appreciate your efforts, as well as the efforts of the readers who provide any input on this. It's starting to look like it will probably leave my household before I come up with an answer.

    1. Hi OMM. Well, if an answer finally find it's way here maybe you'll be able to contact the eventual owner and let them know later. It might still happen!

  4. If you post it over on the forum at designaddict.com they might be able to help you. Sorry about the plug for another website Mr. M (not sure if that is against your rules!).

    1. Hi Anony. No issues with plugs as long as it's not obvious spam and it contributes to the conversation at hand. I may have to include that forum in my regular reading.

  5. sorry, this may be a silly questions, but do the arm rests look to be original to the chair? Could they have been added later?

    1. I'm fairly certain they are original to the chair. The slight upward curve of the back of the arms makes me think that it is unlikely that someone went through the trouble of adding them on after the fact.

  6. Personally I would rule out Pearsall but I'm not an expert. He tended to sculpt the arms a lot more than that. Although Craft Associates did do a lot of undocumented custom pieces.