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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Nice Danish Inspired Dining Table And Chairs For Ya. Status: Listed Today (Not By Me!)

image 0

This was just listed 7 hours ago. It's probably still available. No keywords in the ad. Looks like a Baumritter set to me. Pretty nice...better jump on it! Find the link inside!

image 0

This is the same style set that was at the auction down the street from me back in mid December.  I'm pretty sure it's Not Baumritter but I can't remember for the life of me what it actually is!  Whatever it is it's a nice set and is only  $115.  He who hesitates...


  1. Hey, I'm the guy (Neil) that bought the Hesterberg table from you a while back. I'm still loving it.
    I saw that you're looking for an HM/Eames Lounge chair. I just listed my 1960s Selig repro that is in great shape if you're interested. Hope all is going great for you and yours.

  2. Hi Neil. I saw that ad. Sneaky sneaky! I thought long and hard about it but I'm saving myself for the real deal. It it a good looking set. I hope you're able to sell it soon. If not, let me know...maybe I'll do a posting on it!