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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thrift Hardware? The Habitat For Humanity ReStore is a Great Resource for Vintage / Retro findings too! Status: For a Good Cause.


A really nice Frigidaire Flair sits just inside the front door! There's lots more contemporary or "new" items than vintage, but there's always Something good there.

Whether you're looking to go all out and "Retro Renovate" your kitchen /

bathroom or you're just looking for a cool ceiling light fixture, the Habitat ReStore

might just have what you need...at a fraction of the cost of eBay! It's hit or miss,

just like going to a thrift store, so you might want to make a habit of checking in

once a week or twice a month if you are looking for something specific. I've shown

up days where there are boxes and boxes of vintage pink bathroom tile and then

there are days where there aren't any. I might have to go back and grab up as

much of that blue mosaic floor tile as I can one day this week!



















  1. I've never been to the ReStore in my area, even though I keep saying I'm going to go. Now that I've seen some of the things inside, I think I'll make a point to go soon.

  2. ReStore!!! that's my favorite spot in Champaign-Urbana

  3. Why is everything in St. Louis infinately cooler than here. I do love our local Re-Store, the lady who runs it is very nice and listened to our needs and wants. I hope she's now more inclined to take things from the 40s, 50s & 60s after we told her that there is a market for such things. Right now she has 2 sets of metal kitchens, one with boomerang formica tops that I'm drooling over but can't do a thing with. :(

  4. I have yet to visit the So. Cal ReStore because it's over an hour away but this really makes me want to check it out. Why do I think yours will be infinitely cooler than ours though, as Stacey mentioned? You've got all the great stuff in the Mid West!!

  5. I had a stove just like this in my second apartment. It was so cool and nice to "hide" a messy cooktop when I had unexpected company. I just visited the Louisville Habitat Restore for the first time last week. I didn't find anything on this visit but did see a set of 8 fiberglass chairs in the "sold" section. *sigh*

  6. I have this oven, sans the broiler. Still works great, and I use it weekly.

  7. Dana - Give us a report on what yours is like.

    Bandi - I don't get to ours often enough.

    stacey - sounds like yours has some good stuff to me!

    Rhan - An hour away? I don't know if I'd make that trip.

    K4M - Oh....don't you just hate "sold"?

    Anony - I've had a thing for the Frigidaire Flair but I love Gas cooking. I've seen one like the Flair that was gas but the upper oven looked like a stock pot wouldn't fit under it.

  8. Looking for a Frigidare Flair Single - Does not have to work. please contact me at uslees@netzero.com !!
    I am in hte Seattle area