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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thought I'd Mix it up a Little! Ain't They like a "Beam" of "Sun" Shine? Get it...Mix...Sun...Beam? Status: Am I a Riot?


The Three Amigos. Yes, I do have a Chrome one and a White one...somewhere, but they are kinda beside the point. These babies are all about the color!

Sweet right? I remember many years ago seeing these three colors on three

mixers at a Retro shop and just knowing I had to have them. But...at $95 each,

well...it's a documented fact that Mr. Modtomic is a real cheapo. ::shrugg:: I ain't

apologizing for it. It makes my live very stress free. I don't have to have a crazy

stressful job to make crazy stressful dough and I don't have to constantly be

stressing out trying to climb some imaginary ladder at said crazy stressful job. I

guess lots of people Love that challenge. I love the challenge of the hunt. Find

something I love...then hunt for it at a price I feel good about. I get a charge out of

not only the hunt but the prize. It may even be the same charge that the

"go-getters" get from a promotion. Dunno. I don't want one. I want cool stuff




This blue one was the first to come home with me. It made the trip back from

Chicago where it was waiting for me at a thrift store. Unfortunately the store had

written the price on the paint in Black Sharpie. Can you imagine? I've managed to

remove all but a ghost image of it. Since it was like $13...well, I guess I can forgive

them. Oh, and it only had the Big Bowl. That lead to a long hunt for the Small Bowl

which I think I paid another $13-$15 for at an Antique Mall in New Orleans. I love

having to "complete" something, be it a "set" or find the missing piece of an item.



I found the Pink Sunbeam at an Antique Mall called Emporium At Warson Woods

out in the "inner" west county. I had been all over the place that day. We

stopped at my bank so I could cash a check. Then we had to go drop off some

paperwork for the Girlfriend next door to the "Emporium". So I went shoppin' while

the Girlfriend did the adult stuff. I found this Sunbeam for $35 and snatched it right

up and took it to the counter to pay...when I realized...I didn't have my wallet.

YIKES!!! I always have my wallet on me. Always. I was sure I had left it on the

counter at the Bank. I called. They said "yes, we have it." Whew. The Girlfriend

paid for my goodies and we drove back to the bank. They didn't have it. They had

a black pair of sunglasses...not a black wallet. "Uhg". Well, I thought...maybe I had

stopped by home before heading out to drop the paperwork off. So I drove home

to check...and there it lay. Whew...again, this time for realz.



The Yellow Sunbeam started off as just a set of bowls. I had been searching for

the small blue bowl for sooooo long. Well, we were out in Jefferson City Mo on a

road trip, checking out the Antique Malls in that area and I spotted the set of bowls

for I think $40. That's kinda pricey for me. I hemmed and hawwed over them for

about 15-20 minutes. I finally came to the conclusion that if I later found a cheap

yellow mixer sans the bowls, I'd kick myself pretty hard. So I reluctantly bought

them. Then, guess what. I was at an estate sale not two months later and there

was this very mixer sans bowls for $4. No....Way....


  1. You're the only person I know with one in every color! That's cool!

  2. These are so cool. I'm partial to the blue one!

  3. Nice! I didn't know they came with colored bowls.

  4. those are so pretty! do they work?

  5. I found a pink one this summer, but it is missing its beaters - do you know where I could find replacements? Without buying a whole other mixer? lol

  6. Post #2 - While out thrifting today I saw a white one with both bowls and it had a glass with chrome spout juicer attachment. The mixer was turned to the side and the juicer looked like it plugged into a hole. I wanted to take it out for a better look but was afraid I might break something. It was in pristine condition, price $65.00.

  7. K4M - Thanks!

    Dana - Isn't there another color? I think there might be...Hmmmm. Maybe not, this covers the Red, Yellow and Blue, right?

    Rhan - Can you believe they wrote on it with a Sharpie?!?!

    mono G - I almost (not really!) wish they didn't. I'd have been done collecting these long ago!

    stacey - Yes, but the cords are all old and cracked so I don't "use" them. I have other mixers that I can use for realz.

    Mitzi - eBay = quick & maybe pricey...antique mall = less quick, more search fun and maybe ans pricey as eBay but maybe cheaper...thrift store = CHEAP but you'll get a headache looking through the boxes of silverware...estate sales = maybe best bet!

    K4M - $65??? Yikes. Not unless the juicer is Jadite! I have a couple of attachments that I should have pictured above but forgot about. I don't have a juicer but they are fairly common around here. I do have a hard to find Malt Mixer attachment with the glass though!