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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

By Popular Demand! Well, at Least a Few Folks Were Asking to See It. The Newest Addition to the Lighted Globe Collection. Status: Hey! It Even Works!


This is the Globe I picked up at the South County antique mall yesterday. Looks good enough as just a globe. Just a regular ol' globe. Nice base though, that chrome is pretty sharp!


But check it out! Plug this baby in and it lights up a room. It's hard to get a good

picture of it lit up though. The "lighted" pics just don't really do it justice.



Looks like this might be from the mid seventies. I did a little "timeline" research

here, but got bored before I could nail it down. I might try again later.



There are a few condition issues with the "wrap" coming off in a few places and

some scotch tape holding it down too. No biggie. It's pretty amazing even so. The

chrome needs a good polishing too. It's gonna clean up nice.


  1. oooh! nice! I just recently thrifted one of these for RetroRoadmap HQ


    I'll have to see if it once lit up! Good find!

  2. I think black must be rare huh? I've only seen a couple including yours. Cool find!

  3. I really like the black and it looks very cool lit up. I bet it does throw out some light. The base has a bit of Saarinen flair to it. Good score.

  4. Cool! I found the black oceans off putting at first, but I see it's all about the negative space when it's lit.

  5. I bought the same light off Craigslist in Calgary, Alberta. Blue oceans though. Love the black!

  6. stacey - There ya go, I'm glad you like it!

    Mod Betty - Nice Globe! It doesn't look like a light up globe though, but still really pretty! Click here to see it everybody!

    Rhan - I don't even really understand Why they'd make them black like this...lit or un-lit. But I do like it!

    K4M - The chrome base is amazing! Maybe this is what the Earth looks like from outerspace...to dogs.

    monoG - Let me know when you can't pass one up cuz it has black oceans...that's how it happens to me sometimes. At first I can't stand something...then I find a way to appreciate it...then the lust starts!

    anna - Hi Anna! How's Oakland? Thanks for putting us up. We had a blast!

    Laura - Don't they make great nightlight type lamps?