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Friday, February 18, 2011

Kent Coffey Made Some Really Mod Designed Furnishings. This "Perspecta" Mirror Was From One of My Favorite Lines. Status: Available.


This came with a HUGE long low Kent Coffey Perspecta dresser that left my possession long ago. The new owner didn't want the mirror so it's still available!



The Kent Coffey Perspecta line looks a lot like the Broyhill Brasilia line. I'm sure

they were contemporaries. I don't know what's to choose between them except

that it is maybe easier to find the Broyhill line these days.

Sold: Kent Coffey Perspecta Dresser

I also had a complete Kent Coffey Perspecta dining room set that is also gone.

The table was also HUGE with lots of leaves and the China Cabinet was a one

piece where in the top did not come off the bottom. Luckily that went to a nice

couple right up the street from here and we were able to help transport and move

it into their home.

Sold: Kent Coffey Perspecta China Cabinet 1Sold: Kent Coffey? Dining Chair 2

Sold: Sold: Kent Coffey? Dining Table 2Sold: Kent Coffey? Dining Table 3


  1. I can't imagine why anyone would leave that mirror behind. It's beautiful!

  2. Dana - I know! I think I gave them a price break. But gosh...look how empty the Garage looks! Weird.

  3. I've always felt there was a kinship between Perspecta and Brasilia. That is a gorgeous mirror and I wouldn't have left it behind all alone. Gorgeous dining room suite too.

  4. Wow, gorgeous mirror. Why would he not want it - weird.

    I had no idea Perspecta looked so much like Brasilia. How did they get away with that!?

  5. K4M - I bought all of this from the same seller off craigslist. I originally just wanted the long dresser for my buddy in New Orleans (turns out he didn't want it!) but when I saw all the other cool stuff and the deal that the seller was going to make me...well, it all made it's way here.

    Rhan - The buyer wanted the dresser to re-purpose. She introduced me to Design Sponge. I kept hoping to see the dresser on the web site's "before and after" but didn't.