Monday, February 28, 2011

A First at Mr. Modtomic. Reader Contributions! Finally...I Don't Have To Do ALL The Work! Status: Not Mine!


No, Mr. Modtomic didn't make the six hour drive (each way!) to Cincinnati OH for the Modernism Show. Luckily he had his Star Photog. woman on the scene, Kim (quinn) send him some phone pics! Oh, and a friend of mine up the street sent me a link to a Great set of YouTube videos that I'll bet you'll enjoy, too! Look inside!

You know, I didn't / don't know much about these "Modernism Shows". I had

always just assumed they were just for people to show off their cool stuff, like a

Hot Rod show! Turns out, it's more like a flea market...well, an indoor, expensive

flea market for Rich People! Thankfully Kim was in Cinci. and went to the

Modernism show. She sent me these pics for all of us! If you'll remember, Kim not

only helped me ID my fiberglass shell chair, she also sold me a mate for it!








SSPX2410Mobile Set



Kim w TrophyDSCN1204

So, Now I'm thinking...Hmmmm maybe next year Mr. Modtomic could maybe set up

a booth! I wonder how much it costs and if I could scrape together enough pricey

stuff to make a buck. It's probably ridiculously...prohibitively...expensive. We'll see.

I'll have to look into it.

So also, earlier this week another friend (who I met through their purchase of a

Kent Coffey china cabinet from me) sent me a link via e-mail to a really cool set of

YouTube videos. These are great. I spent the entire first video going, "ooo, I have

one of, I got that....oohhhh, I WANT one of those!"

Check out "retrodashmatic" on YouTube for all the other cool videos!


  1. The booth cost is $500 (I forget the size- 10 X 10, maybe). I hear from some of the Columbus dealer types that you usually make money (Of course if you have to get a hotel room- maybe not so much). The convention center is expanding next year so there will be even more dealers (all dealer spaces were sold out)

  2. Great post! I loved the photos and especially enjoyed the videos. We went to the Denver Modernism show several months back, and it was great. We'll be heading to the one in Houston in April. We won't have a booth this year, but we may next year. We'll probably pick up a few things this time though.

  3. Well, that would just be torture to walk. Fabulous pieces but expensive? Don't know if I could take it. I have enough torture just perusing Craigslist for things I can't afford. Hey, might be a good idea for you to set up a booth though? With the amazing pieces you find I bet you could make a killing. I've thought about doing shows once in awhile but I hear that people (shoppers) around here are vicious about prices. They want thrift store prices. Hey, we need to make money too right?

  4. I think you should consider a booth. The stuff you have is as good as any of the dealers I saw there this weekend. I would think that you could make money because you are not paying overhead daily for a store. The prices in Cincinatti were above what a casual collector like me would be willing to pay. Maybe it is the thrill of the hunt that makes me not willing to pay top dollar for things that I may find at Goodwill.

  5. MAY i be the first to congratulate you on the post in I noticed your place right away by the glorious orange wall! yaaaay!!

  6. I am with Kate in Indy, I would LOVE to go look but not pay top dollar. I also agree that you could pull the show off, you have nice stuff!

  7. Mooboy - Thanks for the detailed info! Very useful in deciding whether to try to do this next year.

    Dana - Hope to see a bunch of pics from the Houston show on your Blog soon!

    Rhan - I hear ya. Sometimes just hitting the antique malls can be torturous!

    Kate - I might just do it. It might be fun.

    Bandi - Thanks so much for letting me know so quickly!

    illum - Maybe we could all drive out together!