Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lane 3 Piece (There's Actually a 4th in the Garage) Living Room Table Set. Danish Modern? Atomic Inspired? Mid-Century Mod? Status: Looking For a Pigeon Hole.


I'm just not sure how to describe these tables. I hesitate to call them Danish Modern, though I can't explain exactly why. They have a slight Atomic Age look to them but it's very subtle...and Atomic Age doesn't usually drip with subtlety, does it? Mid-Century Modern just seems to cover such a swath of styles.




These tables were bought as a set off craigslist about a year and a half ago. I

spotted them and e-mailed the seller who wanted a little more than I was offering.

We went back and forth a while (you know how much I Love to haggle) and then all

replies stopped. I tried a few more e-mails, then gave up...figuring I'd offended the

seller. Oh, well.



About a month later I received an email from the seller again apologizing for

loosing contact. It seems this was the time when all of southern California was on

Fire and he was asked on very short notice to rush out and help a good friend

save his place. Well, no apologies necessary! So we came to an agreement on

the price and I finally got the tables.



The set is in pretty nice shape, although it looks to have been refinished at some

time. There are a number of brass rings that locate at the top of each leg that are

missing. When I got the set many of the tiles had been removed. The seller was

going to remove all of them and put different tiles in there place. A few were

damaged and a few were missing all together. There were just enough to re-tile

these three with damage free tiles, bu that left the one coffee table out in the

Garage without any tiles. Oh well, it has a square "hole" in the center just the right

size for a 12" X 12" tile so that is easy to fix. Maybe I'll get around to that this

spring as well as grouting these three. Lot's of projects this spring!



  1. I love these tables SO much! I am dying for my own with inset tile.

  2. We have that set but without the tiles - the style with the exaggerated dove-tail ends. We've found the coffee table to be so functional, day to day AND for parties, entertaining etc. Right now the bottom table is tucked under to make room for the puppies to play. I can't help you with the category, as I think the tiles and their print give it an atomic look, but the curves, lines and functionality make it modern. Either way, it's a sweet set and looks great in that space!

  3. What a great set. I can't wait to see them when they're finished. Maybe the tile on the tables would come in handy for the "born in a barn" crowd!

  4. That swivel table is just like the one I found up in Fairview Heights at the Antique Mall, except I didn't see tile on the top of it. Why the hell don't they make tables like that anymore?????

  5. Cool tables, especially the one that swings out! As a general response to all your postings, I think you should just go ahead and be fully transparent on how much $$ you pick these things up for. That would be really helpful for folks who aren't as knowledgeable on the purchase and resale as you.

  6. Spiffy tables, but what I really want to know is the name/maker of that fabulous gold wallpaper !?!?

    Please tell me it's not a vintage find and that it's something currently available!

  7. Rhan - These are hard to find...I wish you good luck. Now that I said this I'm sure you'll find lots of these and prove me wrong! Let's hope, right?

    stacey - Sounds like you have the Acclaim line. We see ALOT of Acclaim tables around here. They are pretty.

    Dana - I wish the tile would help but this is the table that the wine bottle was sitting on...On The Wood!

    R. R. - It would cost a fortune to buy NEW furniture of this quality today! I'd love to see a pic of that table.

    Anonymous - I looked through my old e-mails and I just can't find how much I paid for these tables. I think it was $275. I don't have a problem "revealing" how much I paid for something I plan of living with...but for pieces I plan on tossing in the garage that are available immediately, well c'mon. Would you want to do that? Think if Walmart put a "Paid" tag next to their Price tag. How off putting would Thad be!?

    Maggie - I wish I knew. I would LOVE to buy more. It is vintage and came with the house. It kinda sold us on the house!