Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Just (& I Mean JUST!) Got This Danish Recliner. But Gawd Did I Have to Make a Roadtrip For It! Status: Fresh From The 'List.


This was listed on the 'list yesterday at 9 am, for just $28. I got an e-mail off at 11:30 am. Surprised that I got it? Me too...a little.

You see, the caveat was...well, it was a 110 mile round trip to pick this sweet seat

up. Was it worth it? Yup. Absolutely. I'll be taking it down to the bones and

refinishing the wood, shoring up the seat suspension, restoring the padding and

reinstalling the upholstery (looks original to me). Then, as I commented on Rhans

(I knew I had seen this chair somewhere before!), it'll be (yaawwnnnnn)

nap time! Actually, I'll probably be napping in it until it warms up enough to do the

refinish work outside.




So it looks like I've got TWO Milo Baughman pieces now! Yeah! I hope they don't

gang up on the Saarinen, Pearsall or Bertoia boys. The seller, Julia, was a treat to

meet as well. Even though she lives Waaaaayyyyy out in the sticks, she appears

to have amazing taste in furnishings (she found this at her local Goodwill!). We

talked for at least 20 minutes about or love of this stuff. She's lucky enough to

have her work GIVE her great mid century goodies. She had a great, if rather

plane, square side table available as well but I was broke (really, I had to scrounge

up the $28!) and I've got about half a dozen side tables in the Garage!


  1. This is a NICE one! Beautiful lines. Your C-List scores are always impressive.

  2. Wow, $28!!! I thought I got a great deal on my Milo Baughman lounge I just picked up. What a GREAT score! I love, love the color.

  3. $28???? What a price!!!! I'd drive a hell of a lot farther than that to get that fantastiic a bargain. GREAT find!

  4. I love it! I need a chair like this.

  5. Hey, it's me Julia! Wow! I just realized what I sold to you! We won't tell my husband Okay! I don't feel to bad telling you this now, I actually paid $ 3.00 for it at Goodwill. I am happy it went to someone who appricates it.

  6. Nice score! My husband and I picked up a similar chair at the Army of Salvation a few years ago. It's his favorite chair. Yours looks like it might have had some repair done, with the webbing underneath. I think originally the chairs had the zig-zag springs, or at least that's what our chair has. It's the most comfortable seat in the house!

  7. illum - This really was a score. I'm happy as a clam to have it.

    Rhan - Mine needs some refinish work. Yours might be in better condition.

    Dana - And that was my LAST $28!

    Vintage H - Everybody should have a chair like this!

    Julia - Thanks for the chair! Oh, now I know why it was $28. 3 + 25 = 28! Looks like you made a pretty good buck off of it. Shhhh don't tell the haters, they'll give you all kinds of grief!

    catperch - Yeah, I'm figuring out that the seat has been redone. There's a board under there supporting the padding. I'll get it all sorted out soon.

  8. I JUST bought a yellow one of these at a thrift store for $20 and man is it sweet!! what a fantastic Chair!! I love this thing! Its in amazing condition too! I'm still in shock that I managed to get this chair!