Monday, February 21, 2011

What The??? I Guess I AM Collecting the Navajo. Like I Had Any Choice! Status: Thrift-ucopia!


Oops, This was supposed to Post at about 12:10 am, but I messed up!  Sorry.  Here ya go!

This alone might have been enough to satisfy The Urge, but no...there were scores a-plenty all week long!

Yup. I snatched up a nice little addition to my Metlox Poppytrail Navajo earlier this

week. It was just Sitting there! I HAD to buy it! The stars were aligned "Just So". I

haven't even unwrapped it yet. As you can see...there is at least one chipped

dinner plate. Otherwise it looks all to be pretty good. Great...another pattern to

collect. ::sigh::


Not everything to be had at the thrift stores is going to be vintage. Sometimes it's

just a deal too good to pass up! I found this Sony 4 channel surround sound

receiver at the Salv. Army thrift store mid week. It's a really nice unit and sounds

great. I'll probably end up letting it go on craigslist as I already have a Sony 5

channel surround sound receiver connected to the TV. Or it might end up in the

Garage for entertainment out there. ::shrugg:: Dunno yet.


Yeah, more Roly Poly Dorothy Thorpe style glassware! I even got compliments on

this set As I Was Paying For Them. They are so classy. Everybody can appreciate

these, even if they aren't into the Mid Century thing!



Cool Pyrex dish, right? Did ya see the Starbursts and Atomic shapes? I found a

picture of it complete with holder and lid on Flickr
. I'm not really partial to the lid

but I'd like to find the holder and find a glass lid for it. I couldn't find a name for the

pattern though. I know some of you are really into the Pyrex and whatnot. Can you

ID the pattern?



And looky, a couple pieces of Homer Laughlin china in a mod sorta pattern! Again,

I haven't unwrapped them yet, but I think that 4 of them are saucers. Again,

anybody got a name for this pattern? If not, I can probably find it online later.



Oh yeah, and I got a killer set of speakers! Bose 201 (series II [circa 1984])

bookshelf speakers. Bose knows their stuff. These are great speakers. They

aren't like 901s or anything, but they sound REALLY Really good for $30!


  1. i have to admit... my whole day was off kilter because there was no Mr. Modtomic post to read. it was pretty emotional....

    AWESOME FINDS! I found some Taylor Smith and Taylor Corinthian print dinnerware Sunday and didn't buy it. What's wrong with me?? hehe have fun collecting more and more patterns!

  2. Jeeeeeze, you made quite the haul. Congrats! Looks like you've become the Accidental Collector of Navajo. It's such a cool pattern!

  3. Awesome finds and look at those prices! Jeez so cheap!

  4. I love that Homer Laughlin pattern! TFA had just a single small diner mug without saucer that matched that pattern that I wanted for the longest time...keeping my eyes peeled for the complete set

  5. Bandi - I "programmed" the blog to auto post this and I forgot to change the PM to AM. Oops. And I've already got too many patterns to collect!

    Dana - It was a good week.

    Rhan - Two of the Navajo diner plates are unusable. The thrift store used the wrong kind of marker to price the set.

    Anony - I need to consolidate all my little partial and mix-n-match stuff to see what I've got.

  6. Your Roly Poly Dorothy Thorpe style glasses are exactly what I have been looking for. (they have the perfect size band) If you are ever looking to sell them please give me a shout. Thanks!

  7. Anony - Sorry, those particular glasses are gone...given to a friend as a gift.