Friday, February 4, 2011

Dropped by the St. Charles Salvation Army Thrift Store and Found (Yet Another!) Cool Side Table as well as a Few Other Goodies. Status: Got My Fix, Doin' Fine Thanks!


Sorry 'bout the flash photo. It was on...I was in a hurry this morning...whatev'. Got lots of cool stuff to show ya inside!

So in a long winded reply to Dana last evening I told how I found this great stuff

last Saturday but wasn't able to pick it up until today. If you haven't read that

comment I'll reiterate. You see, I often carry a bit of cash with me everywhere just

cuz you never know when you're gonna find a great deal but it's a cash only deal. I

keep it handy. But Friday I emptied my pockets when I got home from work and I

failed to properly "reload" Saturday morning. Oh, I had maybe $35 or $40 on me

but we went out for breakfast and I spent most of that...still thinking I had a stash

with me. Then a little latter, I got the cabin fever and remembered that the Salv.

Army stores aren't open on Sundays. I always forget that! So I jumped up and

drove over to the local S. A. just up the street. This is the one that had the Lane

Brutalist set
. But it was a bust. They had nothin'. I couldn't let that stand. I decided

to drive over to the S. A. in St. Charles as I've often found great things there. The

very first thing I blogged about was a Barrel Back Kodawood style Lounge Chair

that I bought there!



Well, I found a cool lamp / side table that I had to have. Then I found some Taylor

Smith Taylor "Conversation" dinnerware pieces designed by Walter Dorwin

. I HAD to have these! Teague was a brilliant (vintage modern) designer of

the machine age. Then...I spotted some Dorothy Thorpe style silver rimmed

glassware. I have never seen the small glasses like these before. Anyone else?

I've got to go back to ModFruGals site and find that post on how to shine these

up. So I drag all this up to the register to pay only to find I got like $10 on me. And

my check card is expired. And it's like 45 minutes 'til closing. And they aren't open

Sunday. Really?


But the ladies were so nice and put all "my" stuff in a box to hold for me until

Monday morning! Then it (freezing) rained...and sleeted...and snowed...and got

crazy cold...and they closed down 300 miles of highway 70 in Missouri. So I get up

Monday to go get my stuff and I think, "I better call to see if they still got this stuff

for me...or if they are even open today!" They were open but were thinking about

closing up early and told me they still had it all for me and that I should just wait

until the weather clears. So that brings us up to today! I finally go over to St.

Charles and Got My Stuff! And now I'm sharing it with you. (speaking of "long



Oh and while I was there I found these little Googie Starburst decanters. They are like miniature coffee carafes! I have a full size one just like these! How funky is that? Lucky Me!


  1. I have to stop stopping by your blog. You make me want to go hit up thrift stores everywhere.... Anyways, if you happen upon a cute set of colorful dishes (blues, reds, yellows) I'm doing my kitchen in a cereal theme and would like something colorful to kind of match. :)

  2. Wow, are ya kidding me!? Your finds are always incredible. Hmmmm, I need to take a trip to Missouri it seems. I'd be out of control in your hood!

  3. Nice finds! They were well worth the wait.

  4. Glad you finally made it over there! It snowed again last night, so we still can't go pick up the china cabinet. I know you guys north of Texas would laugh at the thin layer of ice and snow that has us completely housebound, but to us it's an Icepocalypse, as another Texas blogger has been calling it lately.

    As usual, you got some fantastic stuff. It seems we're always jealous of you.

  5. I've found small, medium and large sizes of the Dorthy Thorpe Rolly Polys.

    I've gotta get a van, drive it to the STL and load up; you seem to never fail to hit gold somewhere!

  6. R. R. - I sometimes wonder how much cool stuff I'm missing at thrift stores in other cities. Is that a sign I have a problem?

    Rhan - We do seem to have a good number of well stocked thrift stores. The best part is...there are only like 5 people in the St. Louis area who actually like this stuff!

    mono g - I was so anxious that they were gonna sell my stuff!

    Dana - We understand...really we do ::snicker snicker:: Can't wait to see the China Cab.

    mooboy - 3 sizes? That's crazy! Get like one of those people vans that you see Bachelorette parties in....pick everybody up (careful in Texas, they got a dusting of snow!) and stop by for a "clear out the Garage Party"! The Girlfriend would love to park Tinkerbell in the Garage!

  7. You make me wish I had never moved away from St. Louis! I did frequent the Goodwill stores any chance I got. Maybe a visit to St. Louis is in order this spring.

  8. The s.a. in Grandview is my spot! I live in Ferguson and no one ever wants the stuff I like. Do you know about the Village of the Blue Rose on St. Anthony? It's hit or miss, but lots of donations from old timers in NOCO.

  9. beckyok - Howdy, we're neighbors! I've found some cool stuff (my Mod Bulova clock !) at the Blue Rose as well as the little antique mall next door. Have you heard about the proposed Flea Market in Jamestown Mall? Wouldn't that rock?!

  10. Anony - We do seem to have lots of supply and little demand!