Thursday, February 10, 2011

It Might Be a Cheapy Little Retro Armchair...But it Had Me Oh So Baffeled! Status: Lost and Found!


I couldn't figure it out. I saw this chair every day. I took it for granted. It was just "There"......then, it wasn't.

Twice in the last couple months it occurred to me that I just have no idea where

this chair is.  I KNOW it's not in the house.  I'm about 98% sure it's not in the

(then again...look at the Garage...even I can't be sure what's in there,

right?) I have no recollection of passing it on to another. Did we leave it in the

apartment in Tower Grove? Where the heck IS it?


I think I even asked the Girlfriend about it a few months ago just in passing. She

probably even informed me of it's status, but I'm a guy and tend not to listen...

even when I ask the question. Sad right? What can I do? Try? Try harder? C'mon,

there are no Unicorns or Seahorses...ok...maybe seahorses. But I'm like 80% sure

there aren't any Unicorns...and that guys don't listen well.


Sooooo...I asked again the other day. And stuck to my story. "I'm pretty sure I

didn't ask about this a few months ago, sweety." Anyway, she told me (again...I

guess) that it was in her closet room. Right here all the time! Right under my nose

for over a year! Yeah! I found it. And now I share it with you.


It's real pretty when it's not buried under a ton of clothes!



  1. I like that chair. How cool to find a "hidden treasure" without leaving home. I'm sure many of us have similar stories. I know I do.

  2. That chair is fantastic. I love the arms and the hairpin legs. I guess they could be considered hairpin arms?

    I was just checking out your craigslist ad and you can move those nesting bowls faster if you describe them as Pyrex Verde Cinderella Bowls. If you need any Pyrex identification just email me a photo, people go nuts for that stuff! (vtgspinster at gmail dot com)

  3. i laughed. we had the same freak-fit over a valet chair that was... of course... hiding under a mountain of clothes to be sorted. i love the rust/orange fabric of your chair, and the unique arms. it's just a happy piece!

  4. Great little chair! I don't blame the Girlfriend for appropriating it. :)

  5. That is a cool little chair and yeah, men don't listen.

  6. K4M - I'm finding Too many "forgotten" treasures around here! I need to do inventory.

    mono G - Thanks for the info about the Pyrex. I'll be editing my ad soon. I did pick up an neat Pyrex bowl the other day that I'll be featuring soon.

    stacey - Isn't that what a Valet chair is for?

    Dana - I put it in there (pretty bad huh, I even put it in there!) so she'd have a place to sit while puttin on shoes or whatever, but she just piled clothes on it.

    Rhan - what? JK!