Sunday, February 27, 2011

Even MORE Stuff For Sale 'Round Town...OK, So The Goods Ain't as Pretty...but They's Lots Cheaper! Status: Ain't Open on Sundays Folks!

DSCN1166's not really fair to drop this posting after all the eye candy yesterday.  But whateve'.  This stuff's got Finance on it's side!

Yeah, this is what I'm talkin' about! Goodies on the cheap! I didn't grab up any of

this so...if ya find yourself up here in North County it's all yours! It's all at the

Salvation Army Thrift Store.




Rattan Hoop Chairs! They all seemed to need some "shoring up" as far as the

Rattan goes. Since they are covered, you could easily fix the broken parts with

some Epoxy or other glue. Hmmm...maybe I should have grabbed these up!



Cool looking early '60s Chromecraft type table and three chairs. Yup, these too

need some love. Three chairs works well in a kitchen where you'll be pushing the

table up against a wall anyway. That's how we do it.



I used to look at these Fiberglass patio sets like they were very Victorian or

something. But I've seen them in Mid-Mod environments quite often. The chairs

still don't do much for me, but the Table has me intrigued! Think about that table

with some Bertoia chairs or some Eames shell chairs. Now it kinda fits, right?


  1. I guess those fiberglass patio tables were the poor man's answer to the Noguchi cyclone table, huh? I think it would look great with shell chairs around it. Knoll paired the cyclone table with Bertoia chairs, and I see stores today pair it with Saarinen executive chairs. A friend of mine even used Hey-Wake dogbones with hers. I guess it's the universal table and looks pretty darn good with anything around it.

  2. I can't believe those prices. I don't know what it is about saucer / hoops chairs. I am always drawn to them when I see them, but, don't own any. I've yet to see one for sale in my area. "Good things come to those who wait".

  3. we've been on the frantic search for cool diner chairs to go with our new diner style table. i don't know if those are the ones, but they definitely make my heart flutter!

  4. Yeah, you can't really top yesterday's post. I'm still thinking about that store.

    Ah, those hoop chairs! I'd be on my way as we speak to buy all 3 if I lived there. You're killing me with those prices!!

    I was in Salvation Army yesterday and spotted a mid century ashtray stand. You know, a tall, simple brass stand with a ceramic ashtray on top. Very atomic age, 50's cool looking. "Score" I thought! Price tag? Keeping in mind I said SALVATION ARMY - $175.00!!!! Ugh. WTF?!

  5. Great finds! I am looking for dinner chairs too to go with my chrome table. Hard to fine in my area...

  6. Ohhh!!! I have a matching toddler sized version of the cane circle chair :) Yeah, I like bein' all matchy-matchy with the mama-kiddo furniture. Wud up?!

  7. Dana - I kinda wish that the store would split up the table and chairs. I'd give them maybe $50 for the table.

    K4M - I love them too. If I didn't already have a bunch of them I'd have snatched these up too.

    Bandi - The chairs are always the hardest to find (in good condition, that is). Keep an eye out and when you find them don't hem or haw, just buy 'em.

    Rhan - Wha...? You got some crazy expensive Salv. Army stores in your neck of the woods!

    Sherry - The Girlfriend bought a great Red "Cracked Ice" Formica and Chrome table years ago. When she spotted 6 matching chais on C-list she called and said she'd buy them all sight unseen. The seller said there were LOTS of calls on the chairs the seller said, but the Girlfriends call was the only one which said she WOULD bu the chairs... not "what condition are they in?". There are some bad spots but with a little switcheroo I can put together 4 undamaged chairs.

    Kiddo - That sounds great! I think that's a great idea.