Monday, February 28, 2011

Sigh....Anybody Wanna Go Over To AT To Defend Mr. Modtomic? Status: Sniff Sniff, It's Nothin'...I Got Dust In My Eye.

Living Room & Entry

Mr. Modtomic was contacted my an Apartment Therapy contributor a few days ago and was asked if he wouldn't mind allowing the use of the above photo for a posting. "Sure", I said, with the condition that a link be provided back here.

I had no idea what the photo would be used for. I kinda thought it might be used in

conjunction with other home photos because the contributor only asked for the

one photo. ::shrugg:: What do I care, there's no such thing as bad publicity!

Then Bandita left a comment on yesterdays posting congratulating me on my post

on AT
. I checked it out on my phone and was all like "yeah!". Then I thought about

how snarky AT commenters can be and got a little knot in my stomach. I checked

again when I had a chance (was at work) and sure enough, "ouch". It's funny how

even just a few "mean" comments can negate a bunch of "nice" ones! It's not

totally bad. There are a few compliments and some intelligent constructive

criticism, but there's also some barbs. So if anybody want to drop over at AT...

Looong Gondola Couch, Paul Mccobb Chair, Looong Danish Table

Blue Vinyl Loveseat & Blue / Green Sofa Painting

Tony Paul Chair and Looooong Gondola Couch

Chocolate Lamp, Danish Table & Record Player

Some other OLD pics from the same "session".


  1. I can't believe I glanced at that picture and didn't recognize your orange entry! I was like, "Enh, Pantone blah blah blah." and moved on. That's pretty funny that the swatches match your living room exactly. Which is the point people seem to be missing. *Sigh* People are so stupid.

    I think your home looks fantastic. I'll write something on AT when I simmer down a bit. Remember: Resist the Greige Nation! (Fist in air)

  2. Done!
    Didn't realize this was you, but then again I only found you a few days ago. Swooned over the McCobb chairs this morning...

  3. the moment i saw the pic, i knew it was ur home...i love each piece in the h@#$$ with mean commenters

  4. yeah, i was totally bummed to see the comments. whatev, not everyone can live in the gloriousness that is Mr.Modtomic-land!

  5. I've always hated AT and could never figure out why so many MCM bloggers display links to them. The readers who make it a point to comment never seem to like anything unless it looks like a hipster lives there.

  6. Haters gonna hate. I love that room. LOVE. I recognize the style is not for everyone but that doesn't mean it isn't awesome!

  7. After years of having photos of my house on HGTV Rate My Space, I've found that the people who make the meanest comments have the crappiest houses.

    It's a shame that so many of the people who left comments had such tunnel vision and could only appreciate a room if it looked like their style.
    Hey, I don't decorate with a lot of gilt frames and carved wood, but I can appreciate the fact that lots of people like it. I think that's called being open-minded...:)

  8. I like your place, however, I guess I'm of the opinion that putting stuff on the web opens you up to critiques, especially on AT where everyone's a designer - HA! Interestingly, I thought that no one there really commented on the actual post which was about colors and just focused on the decor.

    PS you can't get those screens for love or money now!

  9. Hey Mr Modtomic!
    So I must say you have deeply inspired me in the field of Atomic Era/ Mid century Modern Era. I've always admired the styling of the 50s 60s and 70s but it wasn't until recently that I realized I had a substantial weakness for the beauty that came out of those eras. It all started a long time ago when I was at boarding school. Somebody had thrown away what appears to be a Saarinen Style Office chair but to this day I haven't been able to successfully identify It but I'm pretty sure its just a vintage knockoff. I love that chair though and I use it every day as my computer desk chair. But what really got me hooked on this Mid Century Modern coolness was when I walked into a local thrift store about a week ago and layed my eyes upon what I thought was a 70s dinette table and chairs in faux brown leather and chrome legs. It was beautiful. At that moment I knew I had to have it. I couldn't resist. I wanted so bad to own that dinette set. I just instantly fell in love with it. The way it shined. The way the chairs leaned back. The grooves in the Leather. Everything about that dinette set was calling out to me. I asked the lady at the counter how much the chairs were and she told me that there was a table out back that went along with them and after talking to her husband she told me it was all $30. I couldn't believe It. I was so excited! I knew I would soon be able to have this wonderful dinette set! Unfortunately I only had $10 on me. The lady informed me that she would hold it for me as long as I made it back by 4:30. I looked at my watch and it read 3:35. That gave me 55 minutes to rush to my dads office at the local community college to borrow $20 and successfully convince him that I needed this Dinette set and that there was indeed room in the house for it. He reluctantly said yes and lent me some bucks. I rushed back to the thrift store with 10 minutes to spare and they helped me bring the stuff out to my car. I was then faced with the challenge of carefully cramming the approximately 7' round table and 3 chairs into my compact Scion xb. with the help of a handy dandy screwdriver I took to base off the table and was barely able to fit it all into my car. When I got home I put the table back together and then my dad and I rolled it down to the basement where it now resides all polished up and is currently being used to put some puzzles together. As soon as I brought it home I had to know more about It! I looked at the bottom of the chairs and they said Chromcraft and I searched the internet high and low to find out more about my purchase and I could never find another exact match of the table and chairs anywhere. I did manage to find a few similar Chromcraft chairs but the bases are slightly different and the curvature of the chair tops are different. After searching and searching I came across your blog and I love it! I read your posts everyday and you have inspired me to look for the remnants of these lost eras at yard sales and thrift stores whenever I visit them. I thank you for having this wonderful blog and wonderful taste in the lost eras of the past so that I may experience the findings of other people who appreciate this styling. People just don't know what they are missing out on

  10. Hey Mr. M. I check your blog daily and enjoy the hell out of it. I checked out the AT board, and I think your counterpoint comment about constantly rotating your decor put the self important opinions of the haters into perspective.They were judging a moment in time, not an asthetic. Keep on keeping on.

  11. Who cares about what anyone else thinks. If you and the girl like it, that's all that matters. And you are ever evolving, making it better all the time. I absolutely love the baby blue sofa!

  12. As soon as I saw this post on AT, I knew it was the fabulous Mr. Modtomic! My husband and I both equally enjoy your blog, I for your design and inspiration, him for your witty writing style and love of thrifting. I adore your space: colors, lines, textures. it's inspiring and uplifting. It gives your readers a chance to get to know you in a real way, without really "knowing" you. Where someone lives says so much about them as a person - based on that, I think you AND your space are nothing short of fabulous :)

  13. Mono G - Even I was taken aback by how much the pic matched the color list! It does seem that some of the commentators missed the point of the article. ::shrugg::

    akemimi - Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the blog. We're still not sure about the McCobb attribution on those chairs.

    Sudha - Cool, I feel famous!

    Bandita - Thanks for the heads up. There were some good and intelligent comments too. It all comes out in the wash.

    stacey - Eh, there are some good posts there. The blog is so diverse (how many bloggers contribute?) that it's kinda hard for it to be cohesive. But that's also kinda cool in that you might not like most of what is there but will find some great little gems from time to time.

    kim - Hater ARE gonna hate! It's like their job or something.

    Dana - I don't mind a little dissent as long as it's civil and not mean spirited. We have to be open minded too!

    David - yeah, those screens are orig. to the house too. We love them.

    Mr. Fizzle - You get some sort of award for longest comment! I'd love to see some pics of the dining set. Do you have a Flickr or Photobucket account? Sounds like you got a killer deal and had a great adventure!

    Anony 1 - Thanks for the support! I appreciate it.

    Sue - EVERYBODY loved that blue sofa. I never offered it up on C-list but I had plenty of offers on it! I finally got one that I just couldn't say no to.

    Kiddo - Why, I think I'm blushing a little!

  14. Yes Actually I do have a Flikr and I just uploaded pictures of my chairs and table... you can see them over on my blog

  15. Mr. Mod, your house is awesome and you love it (and so do we, your readers!) That's all that matters. I know comments can hurt but no matter what there will be people that disagree with whatever you do. You can't please everyone and why would we want to - we don't live to please strangers. Who cares! I know you already know all of this but I wanted to send some love your way! Keep on keepin' on with your killer blog and style!!

  16. Fizzle - Nice set! I see what you mean about the tops of the chair backs. Great start to your blog too.

    Rhan - Thanks for the support! I'm not really upset by the AT comments. It's just the nature of the game.

  17. Yea! I'm pretty proud of that Chromcraft set and I think its pretty crazy how I found a lone black Chromcraft chair to complete the 3 brown ones even though it isn't a perfect match. And thanks! I really liked what you were doing so I thought it would be cool if I did something similar to your blog.

  18. Yeah, your space rocks Mod! I look at your front room and see a complex balance of color that is exciting and playful. Takes me back to my childhood to boot, which was a good time. Kudos to you.

    1. Hi Anony.

      Thanks for the nice words. Funny thing is, this space looks almost nothing like this any more! I change it up all the time. The fireplace is still there as is the Gondola sofa but that's about it.