Friday, February 25, 2011

With Great Furnishings Comes Great Responsibility. Even The Most Amazing Sofa Is Not An Island (well, unless it's in the middle of the room) and Needs That "Finishing Touch". Status: Just Hangin' Around (available!).


Illuminate put me onto this sofa or mantle size print last Sunday (sorta). She had made a visit to the Goodwill in St. Charles and spotted it and says she immediately thought of me and that she would tell me all about it.

Well, Saturday was nothing but running around what with the Estate Sale and

going to pick up a Hey/Wake table and chairs so I missed going to the Belleville

Flea Market
. The good news was that the Wentzville Flea Market is open for the

season! So I called up Illuminate (who lives nearby) and invited her to go with the

Girlfriend and me to the Wentzville Flea Market on Sunday (only open Sundays). I

didn't get us up at the crack of dawn since it's still a little chilly and didn't think we'd

be missing out on anything too good (next time's the crack of dawn!).

We met up at a Waffle House and took one car out to the sticks. We pulled into

the parking lot and a collective "Awe" moment was had. There were only about 30

or so (out of a usual maybe 500 or so) vendors. So it was a bust. But I did Still

manage to find something cool and cheap! Was there ever any doubt?




Check out the child's toy Russel Wright Creamer and Sugar Bowl with Lid! The

color of the plastic is dead on. I love it. The sugar bowl has some cracks where the

handle meets the bowl but I don't even care. This is just for looking at and is going

in the china cab with the rest of the Russel Wright collection!


So then, since the Flea Market was a bust we decided to hit a couple thrift stores.

In the first one we stopped at Illuminate shows me the print featured here and says

that she totally was going to call me or text me or something about it. Sure she

was! No, I believe her. She's like that. As a matter of fact, just yesterday she sent

me an e-mail about an auction that has some great mid-century modern stuff up

for grabs. I'd go, but I hate auctions. I just can't sit (or heaven forbid, STAND)

around all day just to get outbid! So I picked up the print, but I just can't find a

good place for it. So it's up for grabs on my craigslist ad. Got a sofa that needs

something above it?


  1. "I don't have a shop, just a compulsion." ha ha ha oh my goodness I laughed so hard.

  2. I'm loving the print. Great colors. The Russell Wright set is cute. The round shape is awesome.

  3. The print has amazing colors and I'm liking it. The Wright set is adorable. I found a gorgeous child size atomic porcelain tea set on Ebay that I went krazy over...but...was outbid :( It's nice to find an item that "brings out the child" in us.

  4. Love the Wright set. When my daughter was pregnant with my first grandson, I was so sure it was a girl that I bought a complete set of the Wright for kids, with plates, pitcher, sugar and creamer, silverware...the whole thing. Now I have two grandsons and finally sold the tea set when she decided this was the last baby.

    As for auctions...I sat at one all day waiting for one particular lot to come up, and right before it did, the auctioneer stopped the auction because he said people weren't bidding enough. Oh, man, I was livid. I ended up getting the piece before I left, but I still wasn't happy about his decision to call the auction off.

  5. Well.. I think you should try the whole auction thing again. Atleast one auctioner I know of even has a "quick sale" table where you can put the items you want up first before they go from room to room in the house. It has a minimum bid but usually starts low.. The auction where I got my chandelier? That house was fully cleared out in 2 hours.. ANYONE who can spend the night waiting on dishes could find the patience for an auction.. :)

  6. stacey - Are you laughing @ me or with me?!?!

    Rhan - Yeah, the print really pops.

    K4M - I hope I can find more Russel Wright toy china to go with this.

    Dana - I would have hit the roof! That just doesn't sound at all kosher. That's the point of an auction isn't it? Sell for what the item will command.

    illum - Do you really want me to start going to auctions too? You know, the same ones YOU are at? Hmmmmm... I'm gonna let you have the auctions. They're all yours!