Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mr. Modtomic has Never Been Much of an Art Glass Collector, But a Few Pieces Have Snuck In. Status: Random and Eclectic.


No Fenton, no Carnival glass. I'm not a big collector of glass. I got my reasons though.

Ya see, here's my problem with glass. It's almost always unmarked. It might have

come with a sticker or something when bought that lent it authenticity but few have

those still intact. And if it's an expensive piece, say from Venice..., who's to say

that the "provenance" proffered is legit.? This is why I prefer pottery, china and

the like. The marks are inscribed or under the glaze or otherwise permanent.


...But when I spotted this 37" tall slag glass vase at an estate sale for $13, I had to

relent. Plus Orange is the Girlfriends favorite color...so, you know. This is one BIG



I picked up this "swung glass" vase at the St. Charles Goodwill for just $6. Funny

story...I had drove over to St. Chuck to hit the Salvation Army thrift store since I

always forget that they aren't open on Sunday. I gathered up a bunch of cool

vintage plates (Walter Dorwin Teage design) some glassware (Dorothy Thorpe)

and a really cool side / lamp table. Total? $42 How much cash did I have on me?

$16. Dag. They're holding it all for me though! Sweet.


I picked this up at the same time as the vase above. Three bucks @ the Goodwill.

I love that the texture is inside the "bowl". How do they do that. Glass is like one of

the coolest miracles of our modern time. Think about all the amazing things that

glass makes possible. Driving...drinking...space travel...magnification...

ummm...light bulbs....lots of stuff!


Can't remember where I got this. I thought it would be fun to leave my hat on it but

it's just too small. I did have a Christmas elf hat on it for a while that was too small

for anyone I know (perhaps because it was meant for an elf?).


I went through a "planter" phase a number of years ago. This black glass planter

was purchased then, I think at an estate sale. It gets used to keep change these

days. I think it looks a little scary.


More slag glass, this time in a classy art deco style bowl. What is this for? I haven't

a clue really. It just looks pretty I guess.


This streched slag glass "bowl" was found really cheap at an antique mall quite a

while back. I'm sure this should have some crazy fake flower center piece in it.

Maybe someday I'll give it one. It has some great color and shape to it.


And how cute is this little guy? It's a milk glass cup with orange baked enamel on

the outside. It's like a little trophy for having the best taste in art glass! Or




  1. These are great pieces. I think the double handled orange piece looks like a sugar bowl without the lid? I especially like the blue / green bowl. That is an amazing display of glass art.

  2. My daughter would kill for those vases, and I don't dare tell her how cheap you got them.

  3. Same here, not a huge fan of glass but I don't discriminate, if it's cool and catches my eye I'm in. I LOVE the huge orange one and the black head. I like the black scary planter too. Cool finds. You've got a great eye!

  4. You should see this extremely wavy retro glass decor thing I have in my basement that was my husbands grandmothers. I can't even describe what it is really, but it's definitely orange and definitely retro.

  5. K4M - I don't know that a lid would fit on the top of the little orange and white "cup". It's got a slightly reversed scallop edge. The Girlfriend bought the blue green stretched glass bowl.

    Dana - I see them all the time, but I'm soooo cheap. There were two that were about half that size at the recent estate sale. I think they were $20 each. I let Illuminate have them. It almost asked for one, just so my big one wouldn't be so lonely, but...like I said...I'm so cheap!

    Rhan - If it's cheap enough, it comes home whether or not I can clearly say it's vintage. The shorter, cleare orange stretched glass vase that I bought over the weekend has mold lines in it that means "not hand made", but it was $6. It made the grade.

    R. R. Find us a picture of it! Maybe a link to a Google Image?