Saturday, February 5, 2011

More Mod Stereo Coolness from Days Gone By. This is Long Gone and Somewhere In New Orleans. Status: Out-a-site...but not Out-a-mind!


I picked this up off craigslist specifically for an acquaintance in New Orleans a while back. Sadly he had some bill issues and had to re-sell it. How often will you come across something this Mod-tastic?!

Right, made by Brother. The typewriter manufacturer? How weird is that? This all

in one has a turntable, AM - FM - Stereo, and an 8 track built in. It sounded pretty

good too. Especially when I hooked up those white B & W Rock Solid bookshelf (or

wall mount) speakers.


Can you believe how good the condition of the cover is? This is obviously from the

'70s which makes it at least 30 years old and probably closer to 40! The guy I

bought it from had it out in his garage. It's a miracle it never got broke or seriously



I almost wish I had kept it, but the guy it went to is a much more serious collector of

cool audio! He also got two pair of those Zenith Barrel speakers from me. The

second set was near mint. I found them at the Big Bend Antique Gallery and felt

really bad since they looked SO much better than the first set that I found for him. I

ended up giving him the second set since he was kind enough to put us up in his

apartment for a couple days last spring.


Don't the B & W Rock Solid speakers look like they were made to go with the

Brother? They were produced perhaps 20-30 years apart! I have another set of

the B & W speakers that I'm using now. They aren't just cool looking, they handle

a lot of power and sound pretty good. Some day I hope to find a nice (and cheap)

set of Bose 901s and a vintage Bang and Olufsen stereo to power them!


  1. That stereo is crazy! I was in my 20s in the 70s. How did I manage to make it through that whole decade going to parties at people's houses constantly and never see a stereo that cool? My friends and I must have been seriously un-hip to have missed out on that!

  2. that. is. effing. AWESOME! i wish my craigslist wasn't so void of awesome stuff!

  3. Ditto on Dana's comment. I guess I wasn't "In with The In Crowd" back then as I've never seen one of these either. It would definitely be complimented with Saarinen tulip chairs / table.

  4. that is a truly amazing find. It's so very Clockwork Orange. I guess craigslist down south is better than the craigslist in NYC. Or more likely you have more patience when sifting through CL ad's. Either way good find.

  5. Dana - aw c'mon, there are lots of cool things that we all miss. We can't catch everything!

    Bandi - when I look through the Chicago C-list I feel the same way...except for the prices!

    K4M - The In crowd would have definitely had stereos like these. Ever seen Dazed And Confused? Someone in that movie had a Pod stereo chair in their bedroom.

    VeeDubs - Right, I could see those troublemakers sitting around listening to this! And you're right about the "sifting". I got a system...and lots of patience!

  6. I echo Bandita's statement exactly! WOW!

  7. Well I had/have one I bought back in the seventies and I wasn't in the "in crowed". Not sure I still have the speakers unless they are boxed up. I have loads of things boxed up in our basement. This baby is sitting on one of the shelves, I think. Maybe I need to go check that out and take a picture tomorrow.

    I didn't buy the stand and when the store (Richman Gordman) ran out I was really sad I hadn't.

  8. Rhan - Aw, c'mon...we all know you've been finding some good stuff lately!

    Becky - Sweet, I sometimes wish I had kept this beauty. Share some pics with us when you can!

  9. I have that exact same stereo. Picked it up for free from a bar gimmic thing. I am having problems getting the turntable to spin though. Any hints on getting it fixed?

  10. even though the last post here was over a year ago, I actually just got one today for free. Not sure just how much these things are worth tho.

  11. I got one minus the stand anyone interested?

    1. I used to have one I bought it brand new with the first money earned and saved at my first job late 70's- car hop at Steak and Shake- I would LOVE to have another one just for the awesome memories...I bought the stereo and my first album together Black Sabbath Paranoid and these monster headphones came with it :))

    2. Anonymous, do you have the original white, rectangular speakers that came with the stereo?

  12. Wow, my dad bought me this system back in the seventies when I was in 5th or 6th grade. It came with the stand (which I kept for years after I tossed system because it had become so "uncool"...) and matching floor speakers that I remember as being fairly good sized and made of a "pebbly" white plastic .
    This thing sounded great and was really, really pretty and clean-looking. I've thought about it for years and tried describing it for my Android-addicted offspring who looks at me as if I'm talking about the pet dinosaur I kept in the back yard.

  13. I have this exact turntable in my garage at this moment with the speakers. My dad was a pack rat and it's been in there for as long as I can remember.