Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Ah...the Thayer Coggin is Home. I Finally Got Off My Lazy Bum and Put It In It's Place. Status: Oh...Ooohhhhh So Comfortable.


Having finally let go of the Console Stereo, I was able to move the Thayer Coggin sofa out of the MIDDLE of the livingroom / lounge and USE it! And OMG, this ain't like the other two sofas...this is the Luxury Sofa. Ever seen the movie Buffalo 66? "I'm used to Luxury Cars...have you ever heard of a Luxury Car, you know what Luxury means? Have you ever heard of Cadillac? Cadillac Eldorado? That's what I drive. I drive cars that Shift themselves." 14 minutes into the movie and it's one of the funniest, most "look at how much of a jerk I am" scenes ever. No "Shifter" cars for me, I drive a "Luxury" wagon!

And this is a Luxury sofa! One does not sit on this sofa, one is ensconced by this

sofa! I swear, you'd never know it to look at it but you sink about 6 inches into this

when you sit. I'm still not too thrilled with the coolness of leather in the winter, but

the Luxury can not be denied! If it were a car, it'd be a Cadillac Eldorado....that

shifts itself.



Come this Spring when things warm up (we get a terrible draft through the house

when it gets Really cold out...and it has been Really cold this winter!) this is going

in front of the TV...and so am I. I'll probably even watch some baseball (Mr. Mod =

not a sports fan) as long as I can do it in Luxury.



Speaking of Movies...I was wondering what movies you's all like specifically for

the sets. Like, we all like Mad Men for the sets. What movies do you dig like that?

One of my favorites is Hollywoodland. There's some great furnishings in that



  1. i loved "How to Murder Your Wife" for the glam set, "Pillow Talk" is great too :)

  2. I'm so glad you decided to keep this sofa. It is luxury and looks totally awesome. Imagine what this sofa would cost new at today's prices. Don't want to come across as a know-it-all..but..I had a high end leather sectional for 17 years. When I sold it, it still looked brand new. I was told to never use leather conditioners as they plug the pores on leather and it needs to breathe. The lady also said that leather conditioners build up over time and will make the leather wear out a lot quicker. I only used warm water and Ivory dish liquid to clean it. Men In Black was an amazing display of Saarinen design. Happy Lounging / Napping :)

  3. We have a box set of the Jetsons cartoons. I love to sit and watch an episode or two on occasion. Our couch is a newer one, but it is leather and looks similar to your vintage one. Just throw a nice thick blanket on it and you'll be just fine. I just need Rosie to fold up the blanket afterwords!

  4. That is one sexy sofa! I love your coffee table too - I've been looking for one like that. I loved the set of Revolutionary Road.

  5. Great sofa. And great question about MCM movie sets. Kinda obsessed with it, so covered a bunch of them here:

  6. Love the sofa! I know you're going to be glad you kept it. I'll have to ponder the movie set question. If you had asked TV shows, it would have been I Love Lucy.

  7. This looks amazing! Also, I love Buffalo 66. I wrote a paper on it for a class once upon a time... As far as movie sets, I think I'd move right into Ed Wood. So weird and awesome. Same with Cry Baby. In practical terms though, I think I'd go with North By Northwest. The villain's house is a-mazing. Inside and out. Good question!

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  9. Yummy sofa -- and who's the maker of your gorgeous coffee table with its lovely asymmetrical leg design?

    Ditto on the "Pillow Talk" recommendation. Doris Day's apartment is scrumptious in that. One of my personal favorite sets is in Hitchcock's "Vertigo", where Barbara Bel Geddes has the grooviest little mod-bohemian artist's apartment in 1959 San Francisco. Bertoia chairs, Hollywood studio couch, vintage rattan -- all in a little one-room studio. Super cute.

  10. Bandi - I don't know if I've seen those. Who was in those?

    K4M - MiB was pretty cool. I could watch that and MiB II over and over. So funny! I'm glad I kept this sofa too. Thanks for the tips. Ivory dish soap seems like it would dry out leather, though.

    B2R - We got plenty of other sofas to use 'til it warms up...wait, it was 74 degrees today! It Is Warm!

    Rhan - Another movie I've never seen. It's great to get these suggestions!

    TobyW - I've checked out your blog. Those are some great suggestions! Excellent screen shots too.

    Dana - Oooo, TV...Hmmmm. I dream of Jeannie?

    adriane - Ed Wood...what a fun and great movie!

    Maggie - Sorry this took so long. See this post for more about the coffee table. I need to see Vertigo again. I think I have it around here somewhere on VHS. Remember Tapes?