Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snatched up this "Occupied Japan" vase from the Goodwill a little while back. Status: Holding it's Own...and some crappy fake plastic flowers.


This is the first piece of Occupied Japan collectible swag that I've ever purchased. Got it for $3. No way, right? Eh, it's got a few it's not too big a deal!

But the fact that it is old, has a bit of provenance and is just really beautiful meant

that is was definitely coming home with the Mr.




Even the simplicity of the decoration and design is right up my alley! No craziness

or unnecessary flourishes. It's a very subtle and understated style.


I can't quite make out the entire stamp on the bottom but it does say (Hand

Made?) in Occupied Japan. That places it's made on date somewhere between

1947 and 1952 (or possibly as late as 1955). This is maybe 20 years older than

yours truly!


  1. Cool vase...and what a price! I haven't seen anything marked Made In Occupied Japan in years. Those things are bound to be getting more and more valuable every day.

  2. I would say that was $3.00 well spent. I like how the pattern swirls around the vase. This would look great with Valentine's Day flowers in it :)

  3. Dana - I've never found anything cheap that is marked except this. I don't actively search for Occupied Japan pieces, but having a little knowledge never hurts.

    K4M - I'm a lucky man, the Girlfriend doesn't go in for all that fake holiday stuff.