Thursday, February 3, 2011

It Occurred to Me That I've Never Introduced the Gondola Sofa to You! Status: Nap-tastic!


Yeah, that's right! This is another super comfortable Nap sofa! The seat is nice and flat. Or maybe it's cuz we all started out sleeping on a bed much like this. You know, simple thin mattress supported by taught springs. I can cut some "Z"s on this baby!


I found this sofa on Craigslist. It was being offered for just $100. I spotted the ad

while at work. I e-mailed the seller an offer of $125 if they'd let me come pick it up

after I got off work at 10pm. They shrugged and said sure! Turns out they lived

WAY out in the sticks so I couldn't get out to their place until almost midnight. And

it had been raining all day. And this sofa is 9 and a half feet long. It wasn't going

into the wagon, it had to go on top. The rain stopped but I still had to drive home

with this beast strapped to the top, Very Very slowly.


Then...we didn't really have a place for it. This was before the Girlfriend bought

this house. She had a flat in South St. Louis that had high ceilings but not really

big rooms. So it lived propped up against the hallway wall for a while...well, until it

arrived here! And just like was home!


Seems like I have so much of this weaved rattan. The Green Sofa in the family

has it on the arm. The unidentified table I bought a few weeks ago has it on

the lower level. I have a vintage blonde record player with it too as well as a large

credenza out in the garage (awaiting refinish) that has one door made of it. This

must be a big mid century thing.


  1. What a steal at $125! And the fact that it's napworthy is a bonus. I think we're about to pick up a china cabinet with cane trim on it too...if all this ice will melt and we can get to the woman's house.

  2. Dana - Ugh, I feel ya about the ice. I stopped by the Salv. Army store in St. Charles last Saturday and gathered up a bunch of cool stuff. When I went to pay for it I realized I had taken the big wad of cash out of my pocket while back at home (always have cash on hand, you just never know when a great deal will present itself). Dag, I only had $12. Not enough. They said they'd hold it all until Monday. I called Monday to see if they had indeed held it...and to see if they were even open! They still had it all for me but suggested I wait for the weather to break. I haven't had a chance to go get it yet because of the weather! I hope it's all still there. Walter Dorwin Teague designed dinnerware, Dorothy Thorpe glassware and a really cool lamp table! That's right, another table.

  3. I have admired this sofa from afar. Well, kinda / sorta. I've actually seen glimpses of it in other pics you have posted. It is fantastic! I have always liked the sleek design of gondola sofas. A friend of mine gave me a green Adrian Pearsall sofa body. The frame was destroyed when the sofa blew off of his trailer. :( :( I will have to put my creative and wood working skills into gear to make a new base.

  4. Nice! Did you install the leopard print upholstery or did it come with the couch?

  5. Is this in your living room? Didn't you just put the black leather one back in there? I can't keep up! You are beginning to remind me of Morgan at The Brick House, the way she changes furniture around in her den. Love the sofa!

  6. Oh me oh my, that is gorgeous! These gondola sofas are one of my favorite designs to come out of the mid century. What a STEAL at $125. The trip to get it sounds horrendous but I say well worth it!

  7. K4M - THAT sounds like a serious project! Is there enough to save?

    Mono G - It's actually just a thick sheet! I tossed it on there one day...liked the look...tucked it in a little neater and never looked back.

    Sue - This sits across from the Thayer Cogging in the living room. There used to be a blue vinyl love seat size sofa across from it. That got traded off for a console stereo that took it's place in the living room. That found a new home a few days ago and in came the Thayer Coggin! It's a little like musical chairs around here sometimes.

    Rhan - Sometimes the story is as good as the piece!