Saturday, February 19, 2011

So What Can I Get Ya? Six Seltzer Bottles...No Waiting at the Modtomic Lounge! Status: Like There's Any Seltzer in Any Of Those!


It's been a long week...who else needs a drink?

Well, these are just for lookin' at. There's no real point to having a seltzer bottle

these days...well, as far as I can see. You can buy bottled seltzer. Plus, most of

the drinks I like call for a mixture of seltzer, simple sugar and lime or lemon juice.

Isn't that Sprite? That's what I use to make a Sloe Gin Fizz. About 3 parts Sprite

(or equiv.), one part Gin, one part Sloe Gin (cocktail mixer) and ice. Everybody

loves them. Nobody (from my generation) has ever even Heard of them! My buddy

loves to walk into a bar and order a Greyhound. He gets lots of quizzical looks and

blank stares. It's just Grapefruit Juice and Vodka!


I myself am a Rum drinker primarily. Just order me up a Cuba Libre please...tall,

plenty of ice if it's hot out. What's a Cuba Libre? Just a Rum and Coke only

classier and with a squish of lime.


If I'm feeling a little peckish, I'll have a Bloody Mary. No, it's not a chick drink...not if

it's Really Spicy! The best place to have a Bloody Mary in my estimation is out

front of Igors on St. Charles in New Orleans. This is one of the first places I go

when I arrive in New Orleans. Good Bar Food, Video Crack for the Girlfriend,

internet Juke Box and great Bloody Marys. In New Orleans most bars serve a

Bloody Mary with a few Spicy Pickled Green Beans for a "Garnish". Whateve'...

have enough Bloody Marys and you've had a meal!


So if you were to stop by the Modtomic Lounge, what would I be gettin' ya?


  1. I think my favorite is the fifth one. I like its straight lines. I'm pretty much a white wine drinker these days, but if you're mixing, I'll take a vodka collins.

  2. It's 6:30 a.m. where I it too early for a drink. Heck, it's "5 o'clock somewhere". Let's keep it simple, since Dana is having a vodka collins, how about just making me one too? Nice bottles. Does the white one have netting? It's too early for my old eyeballs to focus...maybe my drink will help :) I like your super nice collection of glassware just peeking out.

  3. Wow that is an amazing collection of seltzer bottles. It's amazing how they all go together. I'll take a G&T please, or a mojito.