Saturday, February 12, 2011

Friday Morning Estate Sale Scores! Sleep? Who Needs Sleep? Status: Yaaawwwwnnnnn...Me.


Yup, it's a crummy pic...I know. But a Curtis Jere looks great just about anywhere, right?

Especially an $8 Curtis Jere! With the Tags Still On! I know, you're thinking "of

course Mr. Modtomic gets this, he probably sat outside in the cold ALL night

!". Not this time. I did get up early though, 8:30 am. Wait wait, that's like the

middle of the night to me. I generally get to bed between 2:30 and 3:30 am. So

yeah, some sleep was lost. Plus there was this great program on PBS last night as

I crawled into bed about a super computer on Jeopardy which kept me up another

half hour until I dozed off.

So I managed to get to the estate sale this morning at about 9:30 am. Nobody was

waiting at the door so I was ostensibly "first" in line. After about 10 minutes the 20

or 30 people who had been waiting in their nice warm cars shuffled over to claim

their "place" in line. There were no Numbers for this estate sale mind you. They

just decided amongst themselves to distribute imaginary Numbers and keep the

order in their heads. They were none too happy that I didn't care to play along.

About five of them decided to make sure they got in before me and stood between

me and the door.

Cool Mural On Wall!


::Sigh:: This Home Is Being Taken Down.  These Beautiful Vintage Bathrooms Will Soon Be Gone.


Whateve' ::shakes head:: There wasn't anything at this sale to get worked up

about. I was only there because there were some Salterini Tempestini patio chairs

in the pics on the ad. I've already got a set of these so if I missed out on these, I

wasn't going to cry. If it had been something important, things might have gotten

ugly and there would have been a number of pretty disappointed buyers...behind

me. You know, you're not first in line...if you're not in line. "Line tickets (Numbers)"

is a totally different animal though. I have no problem with line tickets. No line

tickets??? Be prepared to wait by the door, because I am.

It didn't matter though. I got into the house pretty quick and then realized that the

patio furniture would likely be outside ON THE PATIO! Did I mention that this was

Morning...and I don't DO mornings. So I turned right back around and headed to

the patio. They weren't there...or in the garage. Doh. So back to the line, which

was Still filtering into the house. I waited until everybody got in and then started

trying to figure out where they would have hid these chairs. Turns out they were in

the basement. When I found them one had a price tag on it (which I promptly

removed), but the other did not. I guess someone wanted just the one. ::sigh::


The Salterini Chairs And Patio Table W/Chairs Back At Home.

So I also removed the tag from the large matching (sorta) patio table (with 4

chairs) and turned my attention to the rest of the sale. I didn't see ANYTHING

upstairs but the basement is where I usually find the stuff I like. I poked around for

a few minutes when the C. Jere sculpture caught my eye. At first I thought it was

just another "knock off" or Jere inspired piece. Then I saw the Tag! Then I saw the

Signature! Sweet. But it didn't have a price tag on it. This usually means that

someone took it off and will be coming back for it. But that is usually reserved for

large items like furniture. So I decided to take it to the cashier / host and ask.


Turns out they just hadn't gotten around to putting a tag on it! She priced it right

there and I bought it right away. I took it out to the car and when I came back to

collect the chair and table from the basement I found that the Other Salterini chair

now had a price tag on it! So I took it off and trotted back upstairs to pay for it as

well. Of course by now there were about 30 people in line to pay so that took a

little while. It was OK though, the people I was next to were pretty fun and we had a

good time commenting on just about everything.

So I got both of the Salterini Tempestini chairs that I had come for, plus I got a

BONUS Curtis Jere sculpture and a large patio table and four chairs, having spent

only $78. That might be the BEST estate sale score I've ever gotten! It's at least

as good as the Franciscan Starburst dishware from two weeks ago. It's a toss up. I

guess it depends on what criteria I use to judge. Anyway, this just goes to show

that you don't have to be first in line to get the coolest stuff...just lucky (and know

your stuff!)!


  1. Another nice haul. Way to go on the C. Jere! What a bargain. I'm glad you got both the chairs too. That would have really sucked if they had split the pair.

  2. Another amazing find. I love C. Jere and hope to have my own one day. I love that one - I have a thing for trees so that is super cool to me. Gotta say, wooooooo that looks cold in the pictures!!!! OMG

  3. Well done! I am now going to weep for the loss of those lovely bathrooms, especially the yellow sink and toilet!

  4. Great score! I've had no desire to hunt lately but seeing these buys just about puts me in the mood. Once the snow finally melts I think I'll be ready!

  5. Ahh I got the vicarious rush of thrifting from reading this - including the stress of trying to be first in line with folks who make up their own rules, AND the adrenaline rush of finding something cool and affordable! Congrats!

  6. How sweet!! The Jere piece is awesome as are your other treasures. So glad you got these great deals and you'll have to catch up on some zzzzzzz's on your gorgeous black sofa.

  7. I didn't know anything about C. Jere until about an hour ago from another blog I follow. Twice in one night? weird. But, I have now been educated and I like that a lot. Thanks.

  8. Dana - Yeah, getting both chairs was a pleasant surprise!

    Rhan - I myself have and still do want a large Birds In Flight Curtis Jere wall sculpture.

    mono G - I know...I hope some parts of those great bathrooms go to the Habitat ReStore.

    V H - Snow around here FINALLY all melted...and this is Belleville Flea Market Weekend!!!

    Mod Betty - Rush or Anxiety...I can't decide!

    K4M - The Jere is hanging over my PC screen where I get to see it ALOT!

    Sudha - No...Doubt!

    denise - Your welcome! I don't do much to educate except to maybe bring stuff to peoples attention. Mid2Mod does a real good job with the technical stuff!

  9. I really think your idea of line-cutting, because that's what it is, is totally wrong. People wait hours in their cars ONLY because it's 20 degrees outside. No way anyone should be able to just walk right up and be first or even Tenth in line. That's how you make a lot of enemies and get passed up for future favors or pleasantries. But that's up to you.

  10. Wow, you really seem to be an angry person.

    If there had been a line, it would have been line cutting. You're not "first in line" if you're not in "line". You know how people in reality game shows always end up saying, "I'm not here to make friends"? I don't go to estate sales to make friends or curry favors. I go to buy what I want to buy. I waited outside the other estate sale in 20 degree weather for almost 12 hours to be FIRST IN LINE.......IN...LINE...get it? If the estate sellers give out numbers then people are welcome to wait in bed if they like, as long as they have a number. Waiting in your car without a number is just like me waiting in bed without a number. It's first come first served.

  11. Oh, wow, those are some sweet finds.

    I am so glad that I clicked the link for the Salterini pics because I saw a picture of a patio table ( looks just like the one I bought at an estate sale a few months ago. I spent $125 for the table and 3 iron chairs (that do NOT match the table, but they're still cute). It's been painted a pretty heinous shade of yellow, so I've got to decide what color to repaint it and the chairs need to be reupholstered. :D

  12. Oh my that looks like an amazing sale with Salterini and Curtis Jere at such great prices. Looking forward to spring and yard sale season.