Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Lil' Antique Mall Tour. South County Antique Mall. Big Big Place. Status: Bring Your Walking Shoes.


Wheeeee! It's time for another tip-toe through the land of Resale! C'mon in and check out all the cool stuff in South County!

But first, I must comment on the above photo. Just look at that Yellow Skylark

Formica! Wow, and the pop of Seafoam Green from the hand mixer...that just

rocks! So yeah, I had to drive down to South St. Louis County today to pick up a

hairpin leg desk that I found on craigslist, so I figured I'd stop by the big ol' South

County Antique Mall
. The mall is in what used to be a super market and is pretty

much full so it can take you hours to sift through. Plus most of the booths are

OVER filled. So much so that it can be difficult if not down right Dangerous to get

into the back just to see what's in there!
Well, enough typing, take looky at some

of the cool stuff available Right Now!!!


































These last two are the scores I brought home with me! The Black Globe with the

Chrome Base is a lighted globe! How weird is that? All four pieces of the Metlox

Poppytrail "Navajo" were had for just $24. Sweet!


  1. I am insanely jealous that you have so many places there with that kind of stuff. Down here, most of what you see is antique malls full of yee-haw (big metal Texas lone stars and the like) or Victorian stuff, with occasional, isolated pockets of mid-century.

  2. i have DREAMS of places like those. in these dreams, i am stuck with a hand basket, looking for a huge shopping cart in which to grab wares, and cannot find one. it's a pretty accurate metaphor i think :)

    would LOVE to see a pic of the globe lit-up!

  3. The first and last time I hit South Co Antique Mall I spent 4 1/2 hours in there. The only reason I left then is because my feet were killing me and I was starving. That place is INSANE! And yes you have to dig in most booths to find anything... But I loved it!!

    I want to see a picture of the black globe all lit up please? I am curious to see what areas light up? Land masses? I just found my first light up for 3 bucks a couple weeks ago in West Co. And I love it!! Good find!

  4. There used to be a place in the Fountain Square neighborhood of Indianapolis that this reminds me of. Not as big, but it was mid century heaven. One day they up and closed with no explanation. I was so bummed.

  5. Wow, incredible stuff. I'd lose my savings if I walked through that place. I'm really loving that "wishbone" wood lamp with the transparent shade about half way through. How cool is your black light-up globe?? Score!

  6. Seriously, the antique malls around here are nuts! It's so sucktastic that they are so expensive. I have to hit up this one though, I'm in South County all the time. If you live in the STL area and want a trek to a really great antique mall, go to Artichoke Annie's out by Columbia MO. It's right off highway 70. Its...flippin'...huge. We were there about 4 hours one day and had to leave because we were starving.

  7. Dana - Actually it's kinda the same around here...well, sans the "lone stars". I obviously shoot pics of the stuff that interests me and hopefully you! But we do have lots of Antique Malls.

    stacey - Wake up and go shoppin!

    Alli - Congrats on finding a Light Up! They are real pretty, and $3 is a crazy deal.

    Matt - Sorry to hear about that. That seems to happen to me but with restaurants.

    Rhan - The one with the three "spickes"? Yeah, I like that too!

    R. R. - Cheap and Expensive are relative terms. Check out the Antique Malls in Chicago...compared to STL they seem pretty steep. Everybody's got to make a buck. I've been to Artichoke Annies and YES it is pretty huge! That is where I got one of my Crazy Toasters. I tried to get through A. A.s in 45 can do.

  8. Man, thanks so much for the tip. I picked up a great midcentury cart made out of teak, metal and glass that used to heat up to keep coffee warm. Now I'm using it to hold my microwave. I love it.

    What I was sad about, however, was that the trio of teardrop shaped wood panel art was no longer there. It's in the exact colors that I love and I adore the designs. My significant other has some art VERY similar to that, but in teal, navy and gold. Do you know anything about that particular style of art? I've seen a few different versions of this same style, but never in those gorgeous colors above. ::sigh:: ... I wish I would have found this post of yours earlier. haha.

    Thanks so much for all of the education you provide. I'm so excited to be living here in St. Louis!

  9. What model radio is that in DSCN0738?