Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I'm Sure We've All Eaten Swedish Fish as Children...but Danish Fish? They Ain't For Eatin'! Status: Under-utilized (apparently).


Oh, I know...Mr. Modtomic is such a tease. What on earth could that be a picture of? Look inside to see!


Ain't they pretty? I'm thinking that they are made of Teak. It's just a guess mind

you...I'm no expert. These were nabbed at a thrift store long ago. I can't even

remember where or when. The cork drink spot or "eye" if you will, is just about the

perfect size for a nice cold Pabst! Fill the rest of the little tray with crackers, meat

and cheese and Mr. Modtomic is a happy man.



They look pretty good with the Dorothy Thorpe style glassware too. Makes them

sorta look like those Bug Eyed goldfish, don't ya think? I think it's amazing to find

things like this at a thrift store. Not only did someone take very good care of these

for like 40-50 years, but then they got dumped off at the Goodwill or where ever

and managed to not get damaged by their rough treatment either! And so they

made it to another loving home where, as long as my Born In A Barn friends can

be educated, they might make it another 40-50 years! David Sedaris commenting

on the old furnishing of a boarding house he was living in and the Scandinavian

Dining set of his parents; "Given enough time, I guess anything can look good. All

it has to do is survive." That, I guess, pretty sums up my preoccupation with the

vintage. It survived. There is a beauty in that alone. That it has an outward

aesthetic that I find amiable, well...that's a bonus.



  1. Wow, very cool set and your pictures are fantastic. I can't believe their condition!! Your posts are always so fun. PS I'm STILL eating Swedish fish in my mid 30's!

  2. Even the Japan sticker is cool. I love the cork "eyes."

  3. Do you Flickr? These would go great in both my Wooden Housewares of the Mid-Century AND Sea Life Motifs Mid-Century Modern! They are so cool!

  4. Rhan - I don't eat much candy...maybe a butter toffee here and a Reeses Peanut butter cup there, but I still loves me some Swedish Fishies!!!

    mono G - Right! The rocket is tight!

    Modsnap - Thank you! I try to get good pic up for ya'll.

    Tiki - I'll try to get them on your sets for you.