Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Great Estate Sale - Another Beautiful Pink Bathroom! Status: Got What I Went For.


No...I didn't buy this AMAZING pink Caloric Range...but it was Seriously hard to resist!




Isn't that an amazing range and fridge? The fridge sold right away. I had made my

round through the house (I was third in line today) grabbed the tags off the few

things I knew I had to have then made my way back through with the camera. I

made it back down to the basement within 20 minutes of getting in and the fridge

was sold. I had to ask the buyer if he would wait a second for me to take a pic of it

before he started moving it out! Someone pulled the tag off the range right away

too but by the time I got back to it to photograph it they must have taken a look at

the steps they'd have to negotiate to get it out and changed their mind. It was

$300 and still there when I left at about 10:45am.





Then of course there is what I was Really After! I got up early and arrived at just a

few minutes after 8am. There was a couple who had arrived just a few minutes

before me so they got in first and second. The people running the sale gave out

numbers so there was no messing about with who was where in line. Plus we all

got to wait in our cars or where ever we chose. And there was a LOT of people

there. The last line number I spotted was 42.



I was pretty excited about the black lounge chair but it was marked at $110 and it

wasn't an Overman like I had hoped...or at least it wasn't marked as such. It wasn't

a high quality chair anyway. The vinyl felt cheap. I passed. The other item I wanted

pretty bad was the Cherry Red Weber Kettle. I was not disappointed! It was $45

and in Very VERY great condition! The sellers said it had only been used twice.

It's a very early example too. After I do a little research I'll feature it and my other

vintage Kettles.









The only other thing I picked up was a set of three stacking tables that I'll also be

featuring soon enough. They have great blue "marble" looking tops. I had to get

out of there and back home to unload so I could go pick up a Heywood Wakefield

table and chairs that I got a lead on earlier in the week. I also picked up lots of

cool stuff during the week. Man, I got lots to share with ya'll! Plus the Girlfriend,

Illuminate and I are hitting the Wentzville Flea Market tomorrow (well, today I

guess!) morning. Whew!


  1. OK, that pink range is AWESOME!! I also like that black swan tile trim in the pink bathroom....
    Can't wait to see your other goodies!

  2. uuuuuhhhhhhhMAZING! cool finds :)

  3. Hey there, was this the sale that had the two great black upholstered arm chairs in the basement? They looked cool............and you know my weakenss for chairs. :)

    Kimberly Ann

  4. OMG that pink range is incredible!!!!!! Woooooow what a sale!

  5. That pink stove is incredible. LOVE the tile on the floor in the bathroom. The pink & grey basketweave is a-mazing! And look at all that Ruby Kings Crown in amazing condition! I think I spotted a LuRay Pastel pitcher too.

    I have to say I love the idea of the vintage fridge, but not the idea of having to defrost it. I lived with that once and I don't think I could ever go back.

  6. wow - yes, i love the stove too. and the pink tile with swan liner! you know this post will end up in my next RR roundup!

  7. Looks like a fun sale! That fridge was pretty awesome.

  8. Robin - It was so hard not to bring that sucker home!

    Bandi - It was a good sale.

    quinn / Kim - I don't think it was the same sale. I didn't see any upholstered chairs in the basement. Just the one upstairs with the ottoman(s). It ended up on eBay selling for (surprisingly as it wasn't marked and had some real bad condition issues) $255. ::shrugg:: Some bidders will buy anything.

    Rhan - I guess the range didn't sell at all as I later spotted it on C-list.

    Mono G - There was lots of great stuff but priced a little out of my happy zone. I should have gone back Sunday for half price to see what was left!

    Pam - Please do include this! I love the bump in views!

    Vintage H - That fridge is right up my alley too. But I'd love to find a more Mod '60s fridge and range for the Girlfriends joint.