Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ha! Problem Solved. Anyone Wanna' Go Surfin'? Status: Ready To Be Deployed.


I spotted this table on a craigslist ad Thursday morning and tried to contact the seller but wasn't able to until after I got to work. Luckily, no one else snatched it up before me.

The ad was titled "Marble Coffee Table - $75" and had a decent picture of the

table so I don't know how it lasted more than a few hours. The other "pickers" must

be falling down on the job! Fine by me. I managed to have just enough time Friday

before work, but after the estate sale and unloading Frank the wagon, to stop at

an office downtown just a couple block from work to pick this up! This is just what I

need for parties and company who might not know how to use a coaster!


You see, the Girlfriend had an all girl party last Friday and when I was allowed to

come home afterward I found what had been a cold bottle of wine sitting on my

Wood coffee table Next to (actually Touching but not On!) quite a few coasters

that I (thought I) had strategically placed Everywhere. Wow, really? So there is a

very slight ring left by the bottle. So slight that I bet you couldn't find it without my

pointing it out. That really is beside the point though.


So my first impulse upon acquiring this "marble" (pretty sure it's cultured marble)

top danish coffee table was to simply flip it. Then I got an idea. I can store the Top

under the Thayer Coggin sofa and the base in the laundry room. When we have

"born in a barn" company I can easily pull it out and re-assemble it to replace my

nicer wood coffee table! It's so sad that I am becoming more and more like this.


At least I won't have to put something ugly and incongruous in the place of the

wood coffee table. This is pretty nice! I think it might be another piece of Craft

Associates. I've seen a base like this with a different top. The different top I've

seen has "scalloped" ends and looks less like a surfboard. This might be a

different manufacturer all together, but it looks very similar. I can't seem to find

one using Google Image at the moment. Can anybody help ID this table? Is it

another Adrian Pearsall?



  1. Love the table...but be aware that marble can get water rings just like wood can. Like you, I thought it was impervious to water, so I bought a marble topped dining table. The very first day I had it, I put a Diet Coke on it, which promptly left a ring. Aaaaargh! I used every kind of polish known to man, but the ring never completely came off.

    Your table has a base slightly similar to the Pearsall 2454-TGO, but my daughter has a Lane that has a similar base too, so I'm not sure what you have.

  2. You should have a glass top cut for it, and sell the other table. problem solved!

  3. haha i hope someday i am able to visit and i walk in to the "born in a barn" setup!

  4. Dana - Thanks for the heads up. It's not real marble. I think cultured marble, like the type you'd find in a bathroom (sink), is much more stain resistant. Either way, it's gotta be safer than bare wood.

    2nd hand - Glass for the Wood table or the Marble table? The base for the Marble table wouldn't look good with Just a glass top. It's not finished.

    Bandi - C'mon by! Like a Whiskey Sour, Bloody Mary or maybe a Sloe Gin Fizz?

    Rhan - The base is pretty fantastic.

  5. marble is very porous..most indian homes slate or marble flooring and they can get really stained!!

  6. Hey did you ever find out more about your table? I've seen it before at the antique gallery with two guitar pick side tables. They were marked Pearsall on the price tag but not on the tables. I have a blue version of the guitar pick table.

    1. Hi Andrea.

      Sorry, no. I was hoping for more information in the comments but it just never materialized. I still kinda think it is a Pearsall table just because of the similar construction. Still no evidence though.