Saturday, February 26, 2011

This is Pretty Much THE Shop Here in St. Louis. TFA - The Future Antiques. Status: Legen...(wait for it)........................dary


Never mind that lil' bit of snow you see there, this place is warm and inviting! Better bring an empty car and fat wallet. You're gonna want to take LOTS of stuff home with ya! C'mon in, I'll show ya around.

I got to tell ya first off, I would love to some day have a shop like this. I would love

to make my bread and butter buying and selling cool stuff like this! Someday...

some day. TFA or The Future Antiques, in long form, has been around here in St.

Louis Mo. for a lot longer than Mr. Modtomic has been aware of his longing for the

retro, vintage or danish modern. I regularly check out the stock and have always

come away wanting for some of it. They have the goods and know their stuff.

Speaking of stuff...


They've had this back end of a Pink Caddy for ever. It's like the Mascot! No, that Brasilia desk isn't the one I used to have, but it almost was. I tried to buy it off the same craigslist ad!


Even the display cabinet is something I want to bring home. The Girlfriend wants to bring home everything in the second.


Drinky Tiki time! How cool is this "parfait" glass holder and glassware? Nothing says "Back off part timers, I'm a pro" like a shot dispenser.


Oh my goodness, look at all that pretty colorful glassware. Could you imagine?


Two of our most favorite things here at the Modtomic Ranch: Plasticware and Franciscan! I haven't started a collection of the Franciscan Oasis yet, but you know I will someday.



Couldn't you just LIVE in this front window? How 'bout that brilliant red Pearsall sofa? Kinda makes you ache a little, no? And I don't know about you, but I could always use another Philco Predicta.


Isn't this just a most "atomic cloud" of a table lamp? Pretty sweet. And then there's the brutalist clock. Might be Time to pick one up! ::groan::


Walls-O-Art! And you thought I had lots of artwork and huge collections. Well, at least theirs is all for sale, right?


A very nice Danish Modern dining set. Makin' Mr. Modtomic hungry! I could stand to eats me some fine dining here.


Lot's of matching bedroom sets. Vanities, dressers, nightstands, lamps, mirrors...even a Contour Lounger! Talk about Nap-tastic.


You know, if I were to ever put up shelves in the Garage...


I'm a sucker for Tiki. Check out all that beautiful aluminum kitchen ware. I love the colors of anodized aluminum.


The Girlfriend bought these little Salt and Pepper shakers. She just managed to NOT buy all the rest.


Need any glassware? TFA gots some Spades!


Oh, and did fail to mention that if you need just about any of the most popular patterns of dinnerware there's a good chance that TFA will be able to help you get it sorted. Stetson Swiss Chalet, Salem Biscayne, Salem Northstar, Salem Maple Leaf...


...Russel Wright by Stubenville, Blue Heaven by Royal China...


Jamaica Bay Dinnerware by Colorcraft and Franciscan Autumn. All so pretty!


Then there's all this Pyrex and Corningware. I don't get into this stuff much...thank gawd...I need to NOT collect Something!


Mmmmmm, chairs. Mr. Modtomic loves some chairs. Bertoias are especially lusted after. But I don't discriminate...too much, that is. I mean c'mon, they gotta be pretty, right?


Then there's the Tables and Lamps! Hey, see that Lane end table? Look familiar? So many cool little room in your car. Choose wisely.


What's that doing up there? Oh, I get it. It's a "butterfly" chair!


More dining sets. Does that first one look like Russel Wright to anyone else? The second looks like Kent Coffey to my eye, but what do I know.


No Kitchy Kitchen is complete without the vintage cookware! And ashtrays, I don't know why I have such an affinity for these harbingers of cancerous death!


Cherner or Saarinen, it's your choice! I'm leaning toward the Cherner chairs. I love the delicateness of the slim "waist". C'mon, I'm a guy...duh.


More retro goodness. Dressers and fiberglass seating.


I can't hardly see a vintage lamp anymore without seeing an atomic bomb going off just outside of Las Vegas. Is that a Jens Risom bedroom set? It's got the lines.


Heywood Wakefield. If you don't own any Hey / Wake you should give it another look. The styles span early vintage modern of the '30s to the Scandinavian lines of the '60s and '70s.



Woman or Man...whether you LIVE vintage or need a costume...TFA has you clothed!


Oh yeah, grab a bowl of popcorn and turn on the tube! Doesn't this look like the living room of your dreams?


Matching lounge chairs! All the shelving you ever want!


Is that a Majestic lamp way up there? And how about the mosaic coffee table with brass legs? That looks like it'd be hard to put a water ring on!


Girlfriend stuff!


  1. What an amazing store! That does it. I've got to visit St. Louis. Soon.

  2. Wonderful store! Purchased a few things there when we went up to St. Louis New Years (tornado) weekend! Want to go back sometime.

  3. I do love TFA! I am so cheap, with the auctions and estate sales, that I just can't pay full price like that unless I absolutely HAVE to. After paying $60+ for those hairpin legs and now having 3 more sets of em in the basement for $8, I have learned my lesson. I do like to go window show though!

  4. Wow that is amazing! Never seen a store like that before in my parts-thanks for taking & sharing so many photos!

  5. wooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwww

  6. OH MY GOSH... the pictures just got better and better as I kept scrolling down. You're not kidding about an empty car and fat wallet - more like a truck and your 401K! WOW EEEEEEEE!!!!

  7. I love how TFA is sooo organized! I love booths and I love room set ups and all. But I really like the idea of going straight to the glass ware section if i'm looking for a cool new set of glasses. I assume they are a multi dealer place that operates like a consignment shop?

  8. OMG! Is that a Shay Walker with that Brasilia desk in the second picture?! I found one of those babies locally for $15. I was from the 1948 office of the Florida Citrus Commission.

    Thanks so much for sharing these lovely pics! I adore seeing what I missing elsewhere ;)

  9. Wow, that is some out of this world stuff. Gotta see how I can get to St. Louis soon!

  10. Dana - Lemme know when, We'll have lunch or dinner or drinks or something!

    B2R - I'm glad to hear you've made it to the Lou! Sucky weekend though.

    illum - You've been corrupted by cheapness! Welcome to my world...enjoy your stay!

    Leah - Thanks for stopping by to take a look.

    Bandi - I Know!

    Rhan - Ha! It is a one stop shop for sure.

    mono G - It's all one shop. Not like an antique mall. And yes, well organized.

    Kiddo - I think you might be right about the Shaw Walker.

    Red Sky - Remember to empty your car's trunk and back seat!