Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We've Had This Lane End Table Forever (Seems Like). I Think the Girlfriend Picked This Up at an Estate Sale Years and Years Ago. Status: Been Around.


It's been in steady use all these years too. First supporting a record player, then lately a Predicta TV.

But time moves on. I wanted to put the Predicta on something longer so I brought

out the Heywood Wakefield, even though I haven't finished it. It's a whole "sold the

console stereo
, moved the Thayer Coggin sofa in, moved the gondola sofa to fit

with the Thayer Coggin, had a larger space to fill where the Lane table went"

thing. Nevermind. So this is headed for the Garage...though I'm not quite ready to

part with it yet.


Keeping it means keeping my options open. Cuz you know, I need more options.

But when I started looking around for a more appropriately shaped table to take

it's place, I was surprised to find my options limited! The Googie Biomorphic coffee

just wasn't the right shape. The rest of my side tables where pretty much the

same size as this Lane side table.


Plus, the little details like the upturned edges on the upper level and the way the

bottom level pierces the side support don't show up every day. One shouldn't take

such details for granted, right? Plus, It's not really up to me. The Girlfriend bought

it. She's got the final say.


One thing's for sure, with the crappy wouldn't be going anywhere soon

even if it was available!


  1. Great little table! I see St. L was hammered with snow again. This little table might get to stay in where it's warm for a while.

  2. K4M - Actually we got a lot of sleet but not too much snow! The sleet was preceded by freezing rain though and made driving very dangerous. Work called in sick to me! Weird.

  3. I have a similar Lane table with the upturned edges, but mine has a spindle bottom shelf.

    We've had sleet, snow and freezing rain, and it's going to be 7 degrees tonight. Kinda slowing down the Craigslisting, huh?

    Kinda playing hell with the Super Bowl folks who were planning to get here early too, since the airport was shut down today.

  4. Love the details on this. You can't deny cool details.

  5. I'm sooooooo ready for spring! I really like that table but I don't have room for it or I'd snag it from ya. :)

  6. Dana - I've seen a table like the one you mention. Lane sure did make a lot of stuff in the 60s! Winter in general is slowing C-list scavenging. Is is me or does eBay seem to thin out a bit in winter as well?

    Rhan - It's all in the details, baby!

    R. R. - There's always room for Retro...or is that jello? I forget.