Monday, January 31, 2011

Mod Fireplaces in Good Decorating and Home Improvement Encyclopedia. Status: Warm Pics for Cold Days.


Brrrr...we here in the St. Louis area are scheduled to receive yet ANOTHER winter storm over the next three days. Yep, 3 DAYS! Up to another foot of the fluffy stuff.

Well, I thought I'd share some pics of warm glowing fireplaces as found in my

vintage set of home decor encyclopedias. I haven't had a chance to shoot all the

books so I might ad more in another post and you might see some these pics

repeated in another post some time concerning some other detail in the pics.


Seems like every time I wish Winter to be done and over, Winter slaps me in the

face with more snow!

I love the white wall mount version in the first pic. You see a lot of these in an electric plug in form. The fire pit hanging cone in the second pic is almost to mod to actually exist!

The black cones seen in these two pics are so common that I don't even bother with them so much. I do have an electric one out in the Garage but I need to work out a dent anyway so it might get painted a different color.

A fireplace in the kitchen? OK! As long as it's cool to look at. That white one with the Angel fish almost disappears in that kitchen / dining room.

I love the firepit style fireplace in this workout room. It seems so James Bond or something. The black one in the second pic looks just like my orange one in our livingroom / cocktail lounge!

The books even have installation instructions and ideas. How convenient!


  1. I recognize that book- The Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement- Just found 7 vols. off this gem last night at Value Village-

  2. It's turned really cold here and we may have some ice yet, but at least we had several 70-80 degree days thrown in. Your winters would do me in.

    If you have time, would you take a look at one of my posts from yesterday and see if you can identify a buffet for me? I've looked at pictures till I'm crosseyed, and I can't find one like it.

  3. I'm definitely not looking forward to more snow here. And of course we have the typical mid west sleet + ice + freezing rain to add to it too. I think I might have one of these books. There's a really cool antique store in Elsberry MO called Roe's Country Store. I picked it up there with a few other old design books a few years back.

  4. Sorry to hear about the snow! Love those 60's fireplaces especially the free standing style. I'm always looking for mid century design magazines and books. Can't find them.

  5. Carol - That's where I found my set! It was spread all over the place in the book section.

    Dana - took a look and didn't recognize it. Apparently this storm is covering the entire United States!

    R. R. - It don't seem too bad right now, but I'll probably be eating those words by morning.

    Rhan - I don't look too often for the books. I just don't have the wear with all to spend that much time going through all those books. Ugh. Sometimes I just get lucky!