Friday, January 21, 2011

Nothin' New to Look at Today...Just a BUNCH of Snow! Status: Winter Wonderland.


It snowed like crazy the last night and the front yard was invaded by Flamigosauruses!


Ain't they so cute? They even have little snow hats. We got about a foot of very fluffy snow.


I got off work at midnight and it had been snowing for about 4 hours. It was quite a

treacherous drive home and back to work today. Lots of cars off the side of the



Neat huh? I love that even though all my patio stuff is mesh or expanded steel, the

fluffy stuff still managed to pile up on it! I just about buried my chimnea!


Have I mentioned lately that I'M READY FOR SPRING?!?! While I obviously

appreciate the beauty of the winter months, I really only need a taste of it and then

I'm ready to move on. This cold stuff is for the Flamingos aren't

complaining at all.


  1. The flamingo picture is so cool! I would frame that! I love it. The snow looks pretty but I've got to say, I could not live in it. We're expected to be 80 degrees today! I lived in Missouri and Colorado as a child and remember the long snow season. Don't miss it at all.

  2. i want to sneak into your yard and put little knitted scarves on those flamingoes!

  3. Rhan - I'm moving in with you. I need me some 80 degree days!

    stacey - They have been lookin' at me all sad. Maybe they are trying to tell me to get them some winter clothes!

  4. Love the flamingos!

    In my whole life (which is saying something), I've only seen that much snow in my part of Texas once, and that was last year. I sacrificed a patio umbrella to the Snow God, so suffice it to say, I'm not a big fan.

  5. Dana - With all the crazy types of weather we get, I can't leave my umbrella up while not at home at all. I don't even leave it out. I bring it inside when not in use. Yet I leave my Bertoia side chairs out in the snow...go figure.