Thursday, January 6, 2011

Uhg...Chores...If Ya Gotta Do 'Em (And Yes...We All Gotta Do 'Em) Let's Do Them With Style! Status: A Propper Display For The Vintage Iron Collection?


It's not quite Having To Drive To Work In LA Rush Hour Traffic...But Doing It In A Bentley, but it's better than nothin'!


When I found this in the basement of an estate sale many years ago (in South City

near Hampton and Gravois, I always find it weird I can remember this stuff) and

always thought it would make a great display for my Vintage Iron Collection. I've

never gotten around to doing anything with it though.


I forgot to include this very very light pink iron in my post concerning my collection

of vintage irons. I found it in a box next to the ironing "board" out in the Garage

and had to get some pics of it up here too. I felt bad! It's funny how pale the color

is. I almost thought about putting some "saturation" on it to bring it out but decided

not to mess with the natural color. The baby blue one on my other post is just as

pale. Why did they even bother to make them in colors if you can barely tell?


So the idea was to just put the Irons on the top of the Ironing Board but now I'm

thinking about mounting the closed Ironing Board to the wall pointing upward and

fashioning some shelves that would hook to the mesh. Then place the Irons on

those shelves. Whadoya think? I'm conflicted, it looks pretty rad opened up like



  1. I like the idea of attaching shelves to the board. I love a vintage iron, new ones are too light to press things properly. I have an industrial one at work, (not vintage) it makes using a modern shoddy plastic domestic annoying.

  2. I think the idea of hanging the ironing board with shelfs is ingenious. Plus it frees up floor space for some other awesome finds! Love the light pink iron, btw.

  3. That ironing board is too cool. Great idea to hang it! Post pictures if you do that.

  4. M-girl - I'll probably get around to trying that idea out this winter as I'll have so much inside time.

    HT - Maybe I'll just use the board itself as a shelf in the laundry room and put all the irons on it. Then all I'll need is some supports.

    Rhan - You know I will!