Wednesday, January 12, 2011

From "Deep In The Heart Of Texas"! Texasware! Pretty as a Spring Morning. Status: It Is (of course) The Girlfriend's.


Check out those colors. Aren't they just amazing? And the Texasware has a light "confetti-ness" to it.

I can hardly believe how much of the "Plastic" dinner ware we have around here. I

don't collect it. It's all the Girlfriends obsession. She loves plastic! I've got to admit,

the more I look at it the more I'm intrigued by it.


Yep, the Girlfriend has good taste. This mod shapes and colors of these pieces

are right up Mr. Modtomic's alley. I think I need to consolidate and inventory all the

plastic dinnerware we have. Maybe make a special display for it. If she'll go for it,

maybe we'll use it at a BBQ this Spring!


The two pieces of Boonton are a pretty shade of Lilac. They are in excellent

condition as are all these pieces. If you've ever sought out these type of pieces

you'll know how many of them are damaged by heat or stained. The Girlfriend

picked these little gems up at the Treasure Aisle antique mall some time ago.




  1. Hiya... Found your blog via another MCM blog. Love it! =)

  2. What great finds! I found a whole set in original box this summer. I probably will sell it on ebay as I don't collect those pieces. I do have several splatter bowls - getting pretty pricey now since Rachel Ray uses them on her show! The girlfriend DOES have good taste!

  3. Love the bright green color and the confetti is pretty cool! Makes me want a full set!

  4. I've had two speckled gray Texasware bowls since I set up housekeeping as a newlywed in the late 60s. They look nearly as good today as they did then. I don't baby them...just throw them into the dishwasher. I think the Plastic Manufacturing Company of Dallas that made Texasware (sometimes sold as Dallas-Ware too) produced a more durable product than some of other melamine producers back then.

  5. 1950' arh - Thanks for both lookin' as well as commenting! Sorry it took so long for me to reply, been tooooo busy lately.

    HT - It's great that she takes care of finding these. It's one less thing I have to look for!

    Rhan - The stuff ain't expensive! Go...Find...Buy!!

    Dana - They certainly have a good heft to them. We do find them from time to time with discoloration and burn marks on them. Makes me think they aren't durable, but I haven't really ever used them.