Saturday, January 1, 2011

Everybody Else Is Doin' It, I Might As Well Too. My "Best Of" List. Status: Great Big Ol' Copycat.

best of!

Yessirie! My honest to goodness FIRST "Best Of"! But this ain't no re-hash of a bunch of my old posts cuz' I don't wanna post somethin' new. Nope.

This is a "Best Of" the stuff I've spotted on Craigslist in the last year (or so)! Some of these items I managed to snatch up. Others slipped from my grasp. Some where eventually sold by others on Ebay! Others ended up in antique malls. All were incredible deals on hard to find goodies. I'm sure all are in loving homes.

Cool Patio Set 2Cool Patio Set 1
Very unique wrought iron patio chairs - $60 (St. peters)

A set of 5 patio chairs

Cool set of patio chairs huh? I didn't get them. I'm pretty sure that a local Ebay seller got them and made some good money on them through that avenue. I DO have a three piece set of this make and manufacture that needs to be cleaned up and repainted, but I would have loved to have these.

New Daybed Sectional
two retro couches - $100 (kirkwood)

two retro couches

So you've no doubt seen these couches on the Blog already. Yep, I was able to bring these home. I just let go of the two piece daybed sectional (that these replaced) today. These turned out to be even cooler than I had thought they'd be by the ad.

Eames Era Lamps 2Eames Era Lamps 1
Set of Two Retro Eames Era Lamps - $90 (South Saint Louis)

Danish Modern Table Lamps. Will accept best reasonable offer.
Contact XXXXX at 314-5XX-XXXX

I HAD to have these lamps...well, the lamp shades anyway. I got these lamps at the same time I bought the Pagholz bentwood stacking chairs. The lamp shades eventually made there way to my sweet danish lamps that I found also on Craigslist but sans shades.

Herman Miller Eames looking Dining Table
Round wood table - $40 (Ballwin, MO)

Solid wood, HEAVY, 4 foot round table. Great deal. Call or email, 314-7XX-XXXX.

This table looked for all the world like an Eames Herman Miller Segmented Base table. It took me a lot of time and research to find that it indeed was NOT said designer / manufacturer. It didn't matter that much. It was such a great table that a couple from Columbia Mo. drove here to pick it up eventually. The top was SOLID wood and VERY heavy. You know, if I had had the Pagholz chairs when I acquired this table, I might have kept it! They would have looked great together.

Broyhill Sculptra Desk
Late 1950's Danish Modern Desk & Chair - $90 (East Alton)

Offered for sale is a late 1950's danish modern desk with matching chair, very nice set $90.00
call XXXXX 618 2XX XXXX

I can't BELIEVE I got this before anyone else. You can read all about that story here. It eventually made it's way to a loving home in Chicago.

Pearsall Coffee Table
Large Glass Coffee Table - $100 (So County)

This is an unusual triangle shaped glass coffee table that sets on a wood see-through base.
Approximately 35" length to each side. Very 314-8XX-XXXX

This ad sat on Craigslist for well over a week before I pulled the trigger. Hard to believe, I know! It was located in South County, I'm in North County. Luckily the seller let me come by after work (half between) to pick it up! That was a very understanding seller.

Danish Desk
Good Working Desk - $30 (St. Louis)

Great desk for students. Small enough to fit anywhere. In great working condition.
Willing to barter for a better price, and to show for buying purposes
Please email for more information, pictures, or to set up a meeting if interested

This was such a great bargain that I had to snatch it up. I thought that the Girlfriend might use it but she really loves her Heywood Wakefield Airflow kneehole desk. I found it another home in Mississippi.

Brasilia Dresser
Dresser - $10 (Dorsett/270)

Dresser for sale. $10.00
Length - 65"
Width - 19"
Height - 31"
The two middle doors open and there's 3 doors inside.

Really? Ten Dollars? It's Brasilia!!! But I'm not bitter, Oh No. OK, I'm bitter. I didn't manage to get this. I offered the seller A LOT more to sell it to me. A LOT!!! You can't win them all.

Pearsall Sofa
Awesome retro couch - $40 (Belleville, IL)

This thing was absolutely top of the line when my parents bought it in the 80s. Been very well taken care of. You haul, $40 cash only.

Yeah, didn't get this either. Remember this one. It ended up in the Treasure Aisle antique mall. It didn't sit there too long either. Even at $495 (firm). ::Sigh::

white tulip table
Round pedestal table white 41 ½” diameter - $10 (Freeburg, IL)

The table has a round top and circular base. The table is very sturdy, but shows some use. The table measures approximately 28 ¾” high and 41 ½” in diameter.

The furniture comes from a smoke free home. Additional pictures can be emailed. It is available to look at, please send a message to make an appointment. Will entertain offers. If not sold prior, the item will be available Saturday June 5th from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm at 8XXX PXXXXXy Rd, Freeburg, IL 62243.

Who could resist a $10 Tulip Table? Not this guy. I think this eventually made it's way from the garage to Springfield Mo.

Yellow chairs 3Yellow chairs 2Yellow chairs 1
4 yellow modern chairs - $25 (St. Peters)

Nice mondern chairs that retail for wayy more than the wasking price. They are great and in good shape, cash only and pick u please.

And of course if you've been reading for a while, you know all the sh*t the purchase and eventual offering of these chairs stirred up. But they made their way from the garage to a happy new owner right here in the St. Louis area.

So it's not a top 10 list or anything and it's not in any particular order. I just thought I'd share what some of the ads look like when I find them for some of the great things I've found on the list. I hope you've enjoyed.

Oh, and I hope everyone had a great new year!

Thanks to everybody who's visited in 2010. I hope you check back often in 2011.


  1. I'm still shaking my head about the $10 Brasilia dresser. Jeeeeeeeze Louise...would you kick yourself in the head if you found out later what you had just given away? The upside for sellers like that is that they probably never find out. They gleefully spend their $10 at McDonalds and think they unloaded a piece of junk on a sucker.

  2. Well, except for that one guy who went off on you about the chairs...LOL

  3. Dana - It's sellers like that who make it possible for me to furnish and decorate my home the way I like. I just couldn't afford to otherwise. God bless ignorance (the real definition...not the insult). It sure has provided me with plenty of bliss!

    Also, you might not have read the "final words" concerning the "guy". Check the last two comments. It all came out in the wash and we all may have learned something for it.

  4. I missed those lampshades the first time around those are fabulous!

    RE: the S-chairs. Glad to see there was some resolution.

  5. Glad the S-chair thing came to a good end.

    And I agree with you, Chris. I've practically furnished my house off CL. Thank God for sellers who don't really have a clue what they have.

    To be honest, I've sold my share of unmarked pieces and then found out later what they were and how much they were worth...and I consider myself a pretty diligent researcher. I was just talking to my friend Joe about that very thing the other day when he delivered furniture to me and was looking wistfully at the Jens Risom credenza he unwittingly sold to me for $195 a couple of years ago.

    We did something similar with a set of DUX chairs that were missing seats. You live and learn.

  6. M-girl - Thanks, the lampshades were hard to find and a "whew" moment.

    Dana - I sold a killer Wool covered Adrian Pearsall sofa years ago for nuthin' and it still steams me. We do learn from our mistakes but we are always learning. I've just learned to do due diligence before selling!