Sunday, January 23, 2011

Don't We All Collect Vintage Decor "How To" Books? Status: Filling The Shelves.


It's like a "Wish Book" for all the things I love! ::sigh:: If only it Was a catalog...

That's Martin Denny playing Take Five in the video.


These are just a few of the pages from One of the books; book number 12. There

are hundreds of cool pics in these and lots of great info. I picked up this complete

set up at the South County Value Village a few months ago. The set is called The

Practical Encyclopedia Of Good Decorating and Home Improvement.


These are the same pics as in the video above. I've included them so that you can

see the images in a little better resolution if you'd like. You still might not be able

to read the text though. See anything you've got in your Modern Furniture

collection? I do!




  1. that's an amazing set! of course i grab them when i find them; this week alone i found 3 or 4. for the eye candy and reference they're priceless.

  2. Nice. I was just thinking I should keep an eye out for mid-century decorating books. Now I know what to look for!

  3. What luck to find a whole set! That would be really nice to have.

  4. stacey - I wish I could take them apart and scan them properly, but I just can't see destroying the books that way.

    m-girl - I've been collecting them for a couple 3 years or so and only have about 5 or 6 others besides this full set. They're kinda hard to find!

    Dana - It was really cool find. The books were spread out so it was a lot of looking around. Then the set was pretty heavy to take up to the counter. THEN they were priced at $1.81 each which is cheap for A book but there are 18 books! That turns into like $35 with tax! A real "hmmmm, is it worth it?" moment.