Monday, January 17, 2011

Googie Biomorphic Goodness! What a Great Step Coffee Table. Status: Also Available.


Wow, the cool stuff that ends up on C-list! And really, Thank God (or whatever) for C-list! I can barely remember a world without it.

So, very much like the Spider Leg table I wrote about yesterday, this table is

ostensibly available. I'm not anxious to see it gone but if someone really wants it I

can let it go. I really do have way too many tables!


I spotted this yesterday just a short while after it was posted. I called the seller (I'm

always surprised that people put their phone number out there like that) and

drove right out to pick it up. The winter has proven to be Slim Pickins on the list.

I'm so happy to see it pick back up. I can't wait for Spring!


The fella who sold me the table said that he found it in an alley. Someone THREW

THIS OUT!!! How sad. Good for the seller and good for me! This one is probably

going in the spare bedroom. I'm going to maybe clean up the top. Anybody know

anything about refinishing in Pickled Oak? I'm pretty sure that is what this finish is.


Unfortunately there isn't a maker mark or name on the bottom. There is the almost

ubiquitous (at least around St. Louis) "Lammerts Furniture" tag. This was a

furniture store, not a manufacturer. My Kipp Stewart / Stewart MacDougal chair

also has a Lammerts tag on it.


Not shown is the fitted glass tops for both levels. The top piece of glass is in fine

shape if a little scratched up but the bottom large piece has a "gouge" in it. I'm

thinking about taking the larger piece to a glass guy my mom uses to ask how

much it would cost to have a new piece cut. Maybe I'll have a piece of Mirror cut

for it!


  1. Oh too cool! Great find. It is so crazy to think that people would throw "history" out like that. Good thing the seller saved it and you acquired it. I have a small, kinda similar version of this but yours is way cooler. I'd buy it!!

  2. I have a very similar table I got off of craigs list. It is done in blonde laminate and is not a step up, but it did come with 2 side tables that are step up tables. Unfornately the coffee table is being stored under a bed for now (thank goodness the legs screw out), but I am using the side tables as bedside tables. Cool find.

  3. Sooo envious! That's exactly the kind of coffee table I've been dreaming of...and someone goes and dumps it in an alley! I'm happy you rescued it!

  4. gorgeous! some of my best finds were picked out of the trash... no shame in that!

  5. Rhan - I the city of St. Louis there is a large item pickup day once a month and you can find the coolest things out in the allies the day before or the weekend of. I think that is how this was acquired. I'm always seeing the steel recyclers in their busted up trucks driving around. I'm always afraid I'm going to see a Bertoia chair going to the recycler in back of one.

    stlstl (Sue?) - Good thing about the laminate is that it is so tough! It'll probably outlast all of us.

    Tikimama - Well....I can't take credit for the rescue but I guess that I bought it as soon as it was listed means the seller will not likely pass up another if he spots one.

    stacey - Oh yes, I lots of trash gems.

  6. I'd be cruising ally ways like nobodies business! That is so cool. Hey, I just noticed a Brasilia night stand in the background -what's the story with that?

  7. Rhan - That's not a Nightstand, it's an end table. It's pretty much the same design but on a larger scale. I had a pair but one went to live in North Carolina. It was in better condition than this one. I love having this right at the front door. I drop my wallet, keys and whatnot in the drawer when I come in so's I know where it's at when I go to leave.

  8. Wow I'm so glad I found you over on Lotta Living. Thanks for the help there by the way.
    As for the glass scratches and gouges I wonder if they could be fixed the way they now fix automotive windshields? Just a thought. It is an awesome table. It's got me drooling here.

  9. Becky - There is actually a large (but smooth) chunk missing from an edge. I think I have a lead on getting it replaced cheaply though. You're so welcome about the lotta living post. Seems like everybody was really under valuing your chairs!

  10. Becky - Also, check out this House Tour on Apartment Therapy. The chairs pictured are similar to the ones you are selling.

  11. This was my table. I threw it out because there was a nasty, dark mold growing on it. Also, the original veneer was badly damaged so I removed it, sanded it down and attempted to seal it. Don't think it worked and I was never really happy with the finish. Anyway, I love mcm (just moved into my dream mcm home), but this piece just wasn't my thing. Btw, I never left it in an alley... it was left on the curb for a "big trash pickup" day. I figured it would be picked up by someone who loved it. Did this rather than messing with selling. :)

  12. Thank you Mr.M. I was surprised at how little the others thought my chairs were worth. So glad you came along. I've not put them on CL yet because hubby needs them as extra seating for the Packer game Sunday. Not sure if that's a good idea or not. ; ^}

  13. Anony - Well, it made it to the right guy! What happened to the glass on the lower level?

    Becky - Your welcome. The chairs look plenty comfortable too. I'm sure you'll find the right buyer for them.

  14. The lower glass was damaged when I bought it. I have a matching end table -- or, rather, I bought the two as a pair and they are a very close match. Maybe we could work out a trade sometime :)