Thursday, January 20, 2011

Soooo....Tired of Tables Yet? How 'Bout a Cool Black Vinyl Lounge Chair? Status: Hmmm....Available, I guess.


Well this cleaned up nice. I got this over the weekend from a C-list ad.

I think it goes nicely with the Thayer Coggin Sofa even though it's not leather.


Doesn't it have a kind of "Jens Risom" quality to it? The curve of the seat. The way

the arms don't attach to the legs tops but to the cross support. Cool, huh? It's the

details that make the chair.


I really really wish it was leather. If it was, I'd so be keeping it! I'll put it on the ad

and see if there is a wanting home out there for it. If not, I'll end up pairing it up

next to the black leather sofa. Or maybe I'll try my hand at re-upholstering it since

the piping around the bottom is chewed up.


I wonder what happened to the piping. The damage is so localized. If it was from a

dog you'd think it would be all over the chair. Weird. I do love the way the support

for the curved seat is sculpted to match. That's one of those nice details.


There is some other minor wear issues here and there consummate with the age

of the chair, which I'm guessing is from the 1960s. Actually, I'm somewhat

surprised by how good of condition this is in!



  1. I'd really love a lounge chair and ottoman like that, but I'm too lazy (and too cheap) to reupholster one, so I guess no road trip to StL for me yet. One of these days though...

  2. it looks comfortable as anything, but i agree there is nothing like real leather. what is it upholstered with, pleather / vinyl? you'd never know by the photos it looks like the real deal. :)

  3. I really like this seat. Shame it's not leather. I agree with Stacey - it really looks like leather in the pics.

  4. #1 I never tire of tables so keep em' comin'! #2 LOVE the lounge and how oh how do you part with these finds? The "right price" mentality I suppose.

  5. Dana - I feel ya. I keep threatening to reupholster stuff, but my bark (what little bark I have) is much worse than my bite! You still need to come to the StL. this spring!

    stacey - It's vinyl. Nothing special except apparently pretty durable. There aren't any cracks in the heavily tuffted seating surface.

    MoonD - It is a shame. The good news is that it does at least have the look.

    Rhan - #1 New table post coming up! #2 There is Sooo much of this here in St. Louis. If I get rid of something and decide I shouldn't have, I'll probably run across another or something even cooler soon enough.

  6. What are the chances this is still available? I've been trying to email you for a few weeks but I don't think they're getting through. Please let me know. Thanks.

    mvaia at comcast dot net