Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Vintage Stereo by Miida. 8 Track Listenin' Heaven! Status: Taking It's Rightful Place In The Lounge


Not only does this sound really great, it's just Oh So Mod!


I got this down at the old stand by: Value Village (North County). I find something

like this there about once every other month or so. I don't always pick it up though.

I know a guy in New Orleans that I'm always looking for Mod Units for. When I find

something REALLY interesting I shoot him some quick cell phone pics and see

what he says. I dropped off some really cool stuff down in the Big Easy.


See where it says $15 as is. had another price written on top of $5.85.

When I got it home I fond that the 8 track player didn't work. The belt had

disintegrated. I replaced it and the unit works great. Unfortunately the speaker

outputs are RCA jacks and all I had was stripped speaker wire. Luckily I was able

to find speaker wire with RCA ends at Radioshack.


Notice the front AND rear speaker outputs. On the front control panel there is a

button marked "effect 4" / "stereo". I need to get some more speaker wire with

RCA ends so I can connect another set of speakers and hear this "effect 4"! I'm

thinking there's probably a simple reverb effect built in to simulate a live "hall"

sound. Should be fun. Anyway, this replaces the silver JVC boombox component

in the bar. Now I don't have to worry about what to do with my 8 track tapes

when I sell the stand alone 8 track player.


  1. That is amazing, I am totally jealous.

  2. Sweet find! If you need RCA speaker wires, let me know and i'll build you some.. Much cheaper that way.

    I built my own cabels for the B@O that went on that buffet table you hooked me up with!

  3. VeeDubs - It sounds really good, but I plugged the Numark turntable into it only to find that it doesn't have a built in RCA amplifier! WTF?! So now I gotta get an external RCA amp. ::sigh::

    Tim - Howdy fella! I can't wait 'til I find my own Bang & Olufsen. The RCA cables at Radioshack are priced pretty nice, are a pretty heavy gauge and are pretty long! ...I guess they're pretty.

  4. I have a Miida 3066TL effect 4 stereo-1974. It is in MINT shape. It's white with black speakers. The set was almost never played. It sat in our livingroom for years without really being used. It has a record player that palys 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM . it also has a blue lighted radio and 8 track deck that still works. They Are good solid systems that last forever.

  5. I love the way this Miida effect 4 3066 system sounds. I have 4 org speakers hooked up to it and placed in each corner of the room. It's the 1970's suround sound. The bass is heavy on this set. And the record player 8 track and radio work like new. I love stacking records on this set and letting them drop one by one. You get about 2 hours of music if you stack 6 "33 1/3" records on it.

  6. My dad recently passed away leaving a bunch of old electronic equipment, mainly military radios, marine electronics, etc. We've cleaned out most of what was in the house but there is more in the garage's attic. The house is falling apart and the local government is threatening to raze the property so we're hoping to find someone who would like the equipment (give it a good home). The house is in New Orleans so if anyone knows someone in the Big Easy area that would like to come root through and take some please let me know. Thanks

  7. does anyone know were I might get my Miida stereo fixed in NY?