Friday, January 7, 2011

Isn't This Sew Great? Get It? "Sew" Great?! Status: Not Quitin' My Day Job.


Picked up this amazing vintage modern sewing machine a few years ago. It was lookin' all sad and lonely at the Goodwill down the street just beggin' to be taken home.


Ain't that a Killer set of Chevron handles? And the Machine is blue...Blue! Blue is

for boys, right? Yeah, blue sewing machines are for boys! Sew, it's like totally OK

for Mr. Modtomic to have a blue sewing machine. See how I worked that in again?

I'm a friggin' genius.


It came with a load of needles, bobbins (see, I know what I'm talkin' 'bout here),

thread and all sorts of accessories. I have actually used it too, to hem some

curtains and a few pant legs. Mr. Modtomic is a man of many talents...well, abilities



Problem is, the last time I tried to use it I couldn't get the drag set right so that the

seam wasn't even on the back and front. I kept messing with it but it just wouldn't

come around. I think it might have been the fact that I was trying to sew some

thicker material. I need to experiment and practice more.


  1. Sew awesome! I love that it's blue and the little desk is amazing. Wow, a boy that sews. Too cool!

  2. Love it. There is nothing like an old Singer for getting the job done. I have a 1960 Rocketeer for my personal use and a 1920's industrial at work.
    Were you trying to sew a plush fabric together last time you used it?

  3. I had one just like this in layout but a little bit more modern in look (lots more plastic and pink). Anyway, let me know if you need help figuring it out--the top button controls pressure on the fabric from the top, and the dial controls the tension of the thread--work with both of those and a sample of your fabric to get the tension right. Good luck! You can direct tweet me at @skizzerbelle

  4. Rhan - There are lots of boys that sew! Check out Jason Lopers blog Zola Jones.

    M-girl - I can't remember what I was trying to sew last time. I think I was trying to repair a sexy little pencil skirt the Girlfriend wouldn't wear cuz it had a busted seam or something.

    Isabell - Next time I get a chance to mess with it I'll hit you up for some help. I have been able to set it up before but I may have just gotten lucky.