Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ya Gotta See, Right? Might Wanna See In Style! Light That Kitchen Or Dining Room Up! Status Update: Gone.


Ain't this fixture a beaut'? Found her at the Habitat For Humanity ReStore a few years ago.



We had this up in the kitchen of the Girlfriends South City Apartment. The kitchen

walls were painted bright orange and this was perfect for the space. I had always

planned on replacing the base where it attaches to the ceiling but never quite got

around to it. Maybe you can!



Illuminate 1 - This is the light fixture that the Girlfriend was thinking about when

she thought I might have a "Pull Down" for you. This is going on the ad so if

anybody is interested...

Status update 01/23/11 - Gone this afternoon.  Will soon be illuminating another lucky person's kitchen or dining room table!


  1. I've never seen a fixture quite like that before. Very cool!

  2. That is a NICE fixture! Great score at the re-store. I have never found anything there yet. I actually scored a really awesome chandelier at an auction. You have to see it! Pics are in my flickr account.

  3. Wow - too cool!! I've been meaning to hit our ReStore and check it out.

  4. Dana - Thanks, it's a little reminiscent of a "pull down". Great if you have a low ceiling!

    Illum - I'll have to take a moment to find your Flickr page again. The ReStore is a lot like just another thrift store. You gotta hit it more than once in a great while to find the really good stuff.

    Rhan - Please do! They help good people get into deserved housing. One of president Carters better moves.

  5. 50s Pam - No doubt, I squealed a little like a little girl (on the inside) when I spotted it. It's so nice that some people will take the time and care to remove something fragile like this and pack it off to the ReStore without destroying it in the process.

    Have you ever perused your local ReStore? I bet there are goodies to be had there.